Sorry Not Sorry | Actually, Yes You Do

The featured image of this post is from this article that's been making it's way around social media as of late. Condescendingly titled, No, I Don't Have to Tell You I'm Trans Before Dating You, this article, posted on The Odyssey Online is a BuzzFeed-esque winge fest of stuck up, ill-witted progressive turdstains to regurgitate... Continue Reading →

Album Thoughts: Yayla:

Earlier this year, I did a quick review of the latest outing by Turkish Black Metal one-man filth fest, Viranesir. Since then, Emir Toğrul, the man behind the madness, has released and been apart of several other opuses by other projects of his and others that involve him. The latest Red Bible Black album, for... Continue Reading →

Quick Album Thoughts | EPs

So, I just offered my mini-reviews on a bunch of full-length albums that I've heard in the last few months that I just didn't have the time to review in full. Also in that time, there's also a good number of Extended Plays that I got to check out. Many of which I was anticipating... Continue Reading →

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