Black Metal & Special Snowflake Syndrome

Anyone who knows me (very few) knows who I am and what i’m into. They know one of those things is Metal music, specifically the very controversial, polarizing and unique, but also very dark and dirty sub-genre known as Black Metal. You know, the genre some view as just a bunch of virgin clowns screwing around in makeup and tacky, spiked outfits and singing their praises to the dark lord Lucifer himself under a sea of shitty, poorly played riffs and distorted, tape-recorder level production, and others, like myself, view it as a great, diverse, creative genre of musical art that stands for expression and conveying a message in the most raw, honest, no-bullshit form with absolutely no limits in subject matter, imagery, or musical structure. That’s the reason I love it and have since I was a dumb, edgy teenager, trying to get through the nightmare that is high school and still love it as a dumb adult trying to do what he can to get by. Now, speaking of edgy, some of what I might say in this post might get me called shit like an “edgelord” or “neckbeard” or whatever other words you stupid hipster millennials are using as what no one but you see as “insults”, but I don’t care. This is my view, this is what I see and what I love and have a passion for, and I have a gripe with what I see happening in today’s social landscape when it comes to music and artistic expression, and it’s time to speak up on it. Now keep in mind, this isn’t just a thing in Black Metal, it’s a thing in art as a whole. Black Metal is just what i’m using because again, it’s what i’m into.

What i’m talking about of course, is the brigade of Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors who think everyone should get a trophy for breathing and think they’re special enough to be catered to by a planet that contains over seven billion beings of their kind in a solar system within a vast, limitless universe in which we are just mere fleas of dirt and debris on. Those who think all forms of entertainment, such as music, cinema and literature as well as politics and authority should dumb themselves down for the sole purpose of protecting their weak, fragile feelings and feeding their egos that are almost as overweight and overly fed as most of their bodies are. These are the people who think self-care is sitting alone in your closet with fairy lights and reading your favorite fan-fictions of whatever shit television show is hip and popular on that specific day rather than actual responsibility. The sorry excuses for humans who will attack you, shame you or even go as far as to dox you for saying something they didn’t like on Twitter. The same wastes of flesh, bone, sperm and egg who are currently protesting and rioting in the streets because they didn’t get their way in our recent presidential election (which I will also talk about on this blog). So without any further adieu, let’s break this thing down.

Black Metal finds it’s genesis in the early 80s with the rise of bands such as Venom, who most consider the (unintentional) birth-givers of the genre, coining it’s name with the title of their sophomore album Black Metal, released in 1982. With that rose other prominent bands onto the scene such as the great Bathory, who gave us gems such as The Return…, Blood Fire Death and their self-titled debut during that time (and then fell down a bottomless pit of Viking Metal horse-cockery as the 90s approached, never to return again). As well as the almighty Celtic Frost (who I consider my favorite and the best of the bunch and not Venom. I think Venom sucks by the way) who brought such albums as Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion to the table during this decade. As well as the excellent Monotheist in the late 2000s before breaking up and reforming as the almighty Triptykon who we know and love (well, I do at least) today. That was the first wave of Black Metal, just to give some foundation to my point, but i’m not here to give a history lesson. Let’s move on to when things really got interesting.

We now move on to the early 90s, where the genre took a little more of a provocative turn (to say the least). The second wave of Black Metal brought on acts such as Darkthrone, Immortal, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, and of course, the man, the myth, the legend himself, Mr. Varg Vikernes aka Burzum. With this wave came a much darker visual aesthetic and a more extreme brand of sound, taking on a more raw, blast-beat driven style, as apposed to the more Thrash/Speed Metal influenced style of the bands of yesteryear. With that also came more extreme ideologies and lyrical expression that spilled out into the real world. We already know of the controversies and al the fuckery that came with it, you know, church burnings, the head stabbing murder of Euronymous via Varg himself that landed him in Prison for 16 years, the shotgun to the head suicide of Mayhem Vocalist Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin) that the band proudly displayed the end result of as an album cover and all that other fun stuff that went on (again, not here to give a whole history lesson.) Since then, Black Metal has been known for it’s controversies and it’s shock value just as well as it’s aesthetic and sound, with countless bands over the last 20-25 years bringing new dimensions and depths to the already raw and honest art form that I came to love as a teenager and still do as an adult. Then we fast forward to 2016…

The 2010s as a whole have thus far been an equally strange and angering time in our history. Specifically socially. We saw the rise of social media, with that we saw the rise of Tumblr, with that we saw the rise of rainbow-haired, pronoun-pissy, gender-confused, economically-ignorant, overly sensitive whinebags who have tried (and sometimes succeeded) to censor and dumb down any form of expression from art to music to even the most minuscule, obscure tweet made by a Joe Schmo down the block that they deem even the slightest bit opposed to their own crooked ideologies and out of whack world view. The reason I decided to do this piece is an encounter I had on Twitter with one of these ingrates after I criticized the band Carach Angren (ughhhhhhhhhh) over their rabid fangirl following on Tumblr, which led to me being called an edgelord and all the other aforementioned millennial insults you can think of, which led to me blocking all of them. (Ok, now time for the rant!)

First off, It puzzles me that these mutants would even be interested in the thought of coming anywhere near a music genre like Black Metal. The music genre that embodies everything these people are against. But I suppose I know why, because just like everything else they get their hands on, they will try to water it down to it’s very root and make it cater to their every rainbow-haired, chubby cheeked whim, sighting such totally not overused and over-saturated buzzwords like sexism, racism, homophobia, microaggressions,  yadda, yadda, yadda. Don’t believe me, just watch this yuppie fuck-fest of a discussion-panel. Try not to have an aneurysm. Fuck that cuck Sam Dunn by the way.

The fact that you people possess this ideology and try to get into this genre of music, then get pissy when you find out about it’s history and roots and prominent figures within it like Varg or Euronymous or Maniac or Niklas Kvartforth ect. and what they’re known for doing and saying and then cry and moan and throw your buzzwords in our faces and demand that we cater and kowtow to you morons, even going as far as to get bands kicked off tours and festivals for their lyrical content alone, like Peste Noire thanks to you antifa fuckwits is fucking dumbfounding to me. Look, I understand not agreeing with certain ideologies that are often presented within Black Metal. I don’t agree with some of them myself. Nazism, for one, and I am in no way, shape or form, an elitist, but once again, to me, it’s all about expression, and what I am against is censoring something for your own personal comfort. In my opinion, you don’t have to agree with something to enjoy it. I listen to Punk and Hardcore as well, which often includes straightedge and vegan preachiness, but I enjoy  lot of the music, because it is good. Same thing with Black Metal. I don’t give a flying fuck if a band is NSBM, Pagan, Occultist, Wicca, Satanic, ect. If the music is good, it’s good. I’m not going to cry and moan like a fucking pissbaby if i’m listening to Grand Belial’s Key and hear something or read something in the lyrics that differs from my views and try to get them banned from every festival or tour they’re scheduled for and break them up. If you don’t like it, simply just FUCK-OFF!

Nobody owes you special snowflakes a fucking thing. Nobody owes you an apology for being offended on YOUR OWN accord if you hear something you don’t like. Nobody is going to cater to you, or anyone else to appease your fragile little egos and oversized bodies. You’re not special, your lives don’t matter, the universe doesn’t GIVE A FUCK about you or your 97 made-up genders. Especially Black Metal, which is the exact opposite of what you stand for. If you don’t like it, then go listen to Alcest or that cunt Myrkur, who might as well be one of you, considering she recently dropped off a tour for “harassment”, or Behemoth or any other of those pretentious cock-jerking hack bands that you hormonal teenage pseudo-intellectual fancunts fawn over and call “daddy” every time you reblog a picture of them. Art is about expression. Censorship is for the weak. If you people read this, say whatever you want. Call me a neckbeard, an edgelord, nerd, whatever. You won’t change my mind, I know I can’t change yours because you’re too stubborn and bullheaded to get it, so whats the point. So fuck it, don’t even read it. Just go home and hang yourself from your safe-space cieling. The world will be better off.

That will be all for now.