Quick Album Thoughts | 11/13/2016

So, after a wonderful, fun rant on SJWs in Black Metal, I say it’s time to lighten the mood a little with some album thoughts and recommendations. This is something that i’ll be doing on here frequently! Because I am frequently listening to new albums. So be on the lookout for more of these! So here’s the first batch…

Sex Prisoner: Tannhauser Gate


You want some really heavy, in your face straight-up Crusty Powerviolence? I urge you to give this one a listen! The debut album of one of my favorite bands in the Powerviolence genre. It’s their best stuff yet! Better than all their previous EPs and demos. You just want something pissed off and filthy, and also short and sweet? This is the one to check out. Highly recommended!!

Blood Incantation: Starspawn


Really fucking good old-school Death Metal with a very unique twist. Put early Obituary and Human-era Death in a blender, this is what you get. Raw, filthy Death Metal with a tough of Progressive. Makes for a fine dish of brutality! (I’m fucking corny, I know).

Urfaust: Empty Space Meditation


Another really good output by one of the Atmospheric Black Metal’s finest. I wouldn’t exactly call this their best album, but it’s definitely no slouch. It’s what you would expect from these fellows: very atmospheric, not overly produced, very ambient driven, a touch of Neofolk, somewhat screamed, manic harsh vocals that kinda reminded me of Silencer, folkey, dramatic clean vocals, and wallah! Like I said, not quite their best, but still very much worth a listen.

That’s all for now. More next week!