Trump & the United States of Butthurt

So, election 2016 is in the books, and in a twist shocking to some, and satisfying to others, the big, bad old boogeyman himself, Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

… And boy, what a reception this has generated.

First, lets look at the satisfied side of the spectrum. Right wingers, left wingers-turned right wingers thanks to the miserable failures of our outgoing stagnant excuse of a leader Barack Obama, as well as the current social climate of political correct whinery that spawned a crop of spineless, humorless, witless, buzzword flinging, gender dissatisfied, crooked ideology possessing, rainbow-haired, pseudo-intellectual, commie-socialist, uptight knobs who disguise themselves as civil rights activists but in reality are just a bunch of coddled, adult children who were deemed by their parents too special to learn about the real workings of the world they live in… and some libertarians alike rejoice at this result and peacefully express the pleasures of their victory, proclaiming America has indeed made the right choice. Plain and simple. While the left peacefully accepted this outcome and wished our new elect well in his next four rears of running the nation…

… Oh, wait.

In just 2 minutes of writing that first paragraph, I forgot. Today’s liberal left is the aforementioned adult children I described, and their response to this? The same thing they do whenever they don’t get their way. The same thing they thought would make a difference in the time of unarmed thugs getting shot for resisting arrest and validate their horseshit hacktivist movement #BlackLivesMatter. Protests, riots, looting, assaulting others with opposing views, lighting things on fire and just all-out temper-tantrums of animalistic buffoonery that truly displays just how “progressive” and “tolerant” they want to paint themselves to the world. This time, baring the ever so stubborn slogan #NotMyPresident, the same way a child who refuses to eat their vegetables would act, but amplified. Way to fucking go, boys & girls!

If that isn’t sickening enough, on the same day also came the Twitter thread titled Day 1 in Trump’s America. Where, just like you would see an attention whore on Tumblr do on a near-daily basis, the same mouth-breathers bestowed upon us a slew of bullshit, made-up occurrences that apparently took place within the first 24 hours of The Donald’s presidency, which doesn’t even begin until January the fucking 20th. How do I and many othrs know these are mere fabrications? Well, just look at any Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever thread, forum, webpage, group, whatever and you will see that it’s what they’re known for. Fabricating scenarios and sob-stories just to stroke their proverbial ego-cocks. Which many of the same mindset blindly believe and share around and annoy their family and friends with on every social media account they have, to the surprise of no one.

With an introduction like in that last one, how can you NOT call bullshit?

Then we have the most shocking and upsetting one of all thus far…

For a MOCK vote in school. A child who doesn’t even know what’s going on. Sickening.

As the fuckery continues, the right and level-headed individuals with common sense respond with endless ridicule and condemnation, and deservedly so. This is one of the exact things that got Trump elected in the first place. You people claim to be advocates for democracy and tolerance, yet your behavior displays the exact opposite of that. What you see as ‘progression’, is, in reality, the ultimate regression. What you people fail to realize is that YOU’RE a part of the problem you’re trying to fight. YOU’RE your own worst enemy in this. Now, I could go much more in-depth with other reasons why Trump won and why Hillary ended up with the short end of the stick. Things like the DNC rigging the primaries which ended up screwing your hero Bernie Sanders, which Wikileaks provided evidence for, which left good old Mrs. Clinton as your last beacon of hope, or all the shady, crooked, incriminating things that cloud Hillary, OR the majority of white Americans who voted and elected Mr. Obummer in the last 2 elections and found out real quick what a mistake that was, as explained here in the form of YouTuber, comedian and political comentator Steven Crowder hilariously and entertainingly going off on the jerkoff-brigade that is The Young Turks…

but that’s not why i’m writing this piece. That’s a whole other rant. My issue here is the overwhelming sense of entitlement among the regressive (yes, REgressive) left in the aftermath of this election. So, here it goes.

The reason Trump will now be taking office on January 20th, 2017 is because for the past 3-4 years now, we watched the left slowly devolve into the cretin parade that it is today, taking the form of a bunch of disenchanted teenagers and young adults with the delusion that they can fight what they deem ‘injustice’ by making useless hashtags trend and bitching and moaning about authority and the patriarchy using the same buzzwords (racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, problematic, ect.) over and over and over again to the point of over-saturating them to the point where they have significantly declined in meaning to many people (myself included) combined with a lack of ability to differentiate an injustice from a justified action. This has pushed so many people, many of which voted for Obama in the last 2 elections, to the other side, because to them, that has now become the saner and safer side of the spectrum. Once again, way to fucking go, kids!

You are NOT activists, you are NOT tolerant, you do NOT stand for democracy, you are NOT the antithesis of what you think Trump and the right stand for. You are a bunch of whiney pissbabies who simply did not get what they wanted and are now throwing a mass-temper-tantrum over it because you’re too stupid and delusional to do your fucking research on something before you judge it and only see what’s in front of you on your television, phone, computer, ipad, tablet, what have you. Not to mention a lot of you voted 3rd party, as if that means anything, and also voted for a FUCKING DEAD GORILLA AND A BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL as an alternative! Now you’re surprised, now you’re shocked that you’re now going to have to deal with the orange corn-haired supervillain you saw on tv. Give me a fucking break.

This is the outcome. This is what you now must accept. You can cry all you want, fuss and bitch all you want, make as many hashtags as you want, start as many bullshit ‘movements’ as you want, it will all fall on deaf ears, because no one will take you seriously enough to listen. You screwed yourselves with your shitty actions and made your bed and now you have no choice but to lie in it. If you really want ‘change’, if you really want ‘progress’, if you really want to fight the ‘injustice’ you think you see all around you, then in November of 2020, go out and VOTE and vote for who you see as the better option and NOT 3rd party or a gorilla or a bottle of vodka. Get over your childish pettiness and look at the bigger picture. Grow up and stop acting like petulant, spoiled children. Take real action, take civilized action. Put away the protest signs, the Molotov cocktails, the torches and pitchforks and get out there and vote. Show that you’re not animals and actually do stand for something other than worthless anarchy.

But until then, accept what you have now. This is your own doing. This is the reality you made for yourselves. I will admit though, SJW tears sure are delicious!

Until next time.



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