Taking a Break from Wrestling

As I said in my first post on this blog, as well as being a music fan, i’m a wrestling fan as well. Particularly WWE (cos what else really is there?). I’ve been a fan since I was a little whipper-snapper and was throughout my teen years and still am now and probably always will be. However, the current state of their product has been unbearably lackluster to say the very least. On top of that, add in the laborious amount of hours a week of television we have to sit through. And at this time, for the first time in my history of fanhood, I feel I need a hiatus from watching. As do a lot of others.

As goes the current state of WWE television, we have the 2 ‘brands’: Raw and Smackdown (or Smackdown Live for those without OCD). We have Raw on Monday night for 3 hours (yeah) and Smackdown for 2 hours on Tuesday night. So 5 hours altogether. Then we have NXT for an hour on Wednesdays, which isn’t as bad, and now we’re getting ANOTHER damn show on Tuesday nights called 205 Live. So that’s 7 full.hours of programming a week. Not including the obscenely long Pay-Per-View shows on Sunday every month. Now on top of that, add in how incredibly boring the product is and has been for the last year or so. The same old characters, same old boring storylines, same matches over and over again. Barely anything fresh or too exiting. Even the things that seemed to have the promise of being exiting, like the mew cruiserweight division ended up being a flop so far, which sucks especially after that incredible Cruiserweight Classic tournament this past summer. The entire product is just so crooked right now. It’s hard to watch.

Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t anything in the coming months or weeks to look forward to. Survivor Series is this Sunday and with the exception of that clusterfuck tag team SS elimination match, the card does look promising. Even Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar, as little as I cared about that one before. The build-up for it has been pretty damn good. So maybe there is hope for improvement, but who knows. Still, even with the positives, there’s a sense of burn-out that has been with me for a good while now. Just overall tiredness and boredom with watching. Even with things you love, these things happen and sometimes you just need a break. A battery-charge,  if ya wheeeeeeel (not all will get that).


Another reason I need this break is because of a lot of the fans. Especially the internet fans (ESPECIALLY the Instagram fans). The amount of aggravation that comes with seeing and dealing with so many asswipes who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about is overwhelming, frustrating and tiring. Same thing for music fans. Also, ll the bitching and complaining about every little, minuscule thing under the sun AND moon is again, just tiring. Like eating your favorite food too much at a time and growing numb to it or listening to a good song until you hate it.


I’m not going to make this post too long, because again, it’s a damn wrestling post, but I just wanted to write this down. It’s time for a hiatus. Perhaps until the Royal Rumble in January (one of my favorite ppv events all year). Then i’ll be back full force. Until then, i’ll be doing other shit to occupy my free time, like writing frivolous blurbs on this shitty blog of mine. But i’ll be back. Hopefully then, will things be at least a little more watchable. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it too much, because hey, it’s WWE, but you never know. In the mean time, I guess Lucha Underground, PWG & NJPW could make viable alternatives.

Until next time.



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