Quick Album Thoughts | 11/27/2016

Once again, I apologize for the lack of posting on here this week. The week was kind of a bummer, involving a fucked up sleep schedule I had to fix and a Thanksgiving family gathering I had to attend and lots of food and beer to indulge in. Over the weekend however, I did manage to cram these 5 gems into my sweet little ears. Mostly Death Metal, because I was kind of on a kick of it this week, but also a couple other things as well. So, here it goes…

Entrapment: Through Realms Unseen


When I started listening to this one, my initial thoughts were ‘meh’ and ‘where is this going’. BUT  come the 3rd or 4th track on this banger, I was hooked. Very unique offering with a very unique style of riffage that works. Some may call this ‘Death n Roll’ (i’d rather they didn’t) in the vein of Debauchery or later Entombed, but I see this more as similar to Kvelertak’s approach to Black Metal. Very ‘Rock n Roll’ oriented, especially riff-wise, but still very much a Death Metal album. Reminded me a lot of Edge of Sanity (very good thing). Two stand-out tracks on this one are Dominant Paradigm & Withering Souls. Two awesome tracks with awesome riff-work and an insanely good groove to them. Highly recommended for those who like things old school but with a kick!

Interment: Scent of the Buried


The first of the 2 Death Metal gems of the Swedish variety, and a great way to start off. From this one you can expect a slab of Death Metal in the vein of EARLY Entombed, Dismember and Grave. No bullshit, no frills, evil as shit old school to the core Death Metal from one of the best countries that produces it. Now, my only gripe with this one is that it’s one of those albums that just passes by without anything too interesting or outside the box happening, but this time in a good way. This really isn’t meant to be outside the box. Again, it’s a straight-up old school slab of Death Metal. So what else are you expecting? Still a very good outing by these Swedes and I still enjoyed it for what it was. Give a listen!

Volturyon: Cleansed by Carnage


Now on to the second of the offerings from the great Swede nation. This time, a bit of a different formula, but just as good. These guys play the style of Death Metal synonymous with the likes of Cannibal Corpse & Suffocation. Striking a fair middle ground between Technical and Brutal Death Metal without being too much of one or the other, while still maintaining an old school, straight-up style. I’m not the biggest fan of Tech-Death, but if I were to listen to it, this is how i’d want it. So this band gets my stamp of approval. Highly recommended!

Laconist: Anticosmic Trance


The first thing that caught my eye with this album is the cover art. Beautiful. So I finally gave this one a go, and wow, the music sure matches up. Mix a slightly less technical Hate Eternal with some early Deicide and add some Black Metal sprinkles and you get this. Very good slab of Black/Death and very glad I gave finally gave it a shot. After all how can you not with an album cover like that? Splendid! Recommended!

Kyy: Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death


Just like the previous album, the first thing I noticed about this one was the cover art. Again, beautiful. It took a couple weeks to get around to listening to it but I finally did and i’m glad I did. Here we have more proof that Finland is currenty producing some of the best Black Metal around. This is an awesome album. Nothing fancy here, just 42 minutes of straight-up, ripping, thrashy, groovy Black Metal, similar to Ravencult, who I talked about in my last album thoughts post. No bullshit, no frills, just madness from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Thats all for this week. More to come next week.

Until next time.



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