Nihilism & Misanthropy – Reduced to a Meaningless Trend

You ever go on social media? Of course you have, who the fuck hasn’t? Unless you’re someone like Varg Vikernes and you live off the grid, in a forest somewhere in Norway (which I envy). Anyway, when you go on it, what do you see? Aside from attention-seeking teenage riff-raff who got their first phone too early and learned too much too fast as a result, older family members sharing political memes, stupid memes in general, some chick bitching about her kids deadbeat father or vice versa, annoying pictures of people’s newborns that the more you see pop up on your news feed, the more you understand how a girl feels when she receives an unsolicited dick-pic, or speaking of which, girls bitching about receiving unsolicited dick-pics, what else do you see? Look deeper. Look into people’s bios. What will you see in most cases? You will most likely see the words nihilist or misanthrope, misanthropist, misanthropic, ect. Or in more fancy terms existential nihilist or pessimistic misanthrope, ect. Mostly from teens or 20-somethings, and when you see those things, doesn’t it grind your gears to the bone? Make your blood boil? Or just fill you with second-hand embarrassment? Well, it should.

The age of social media has done just as much bad for our society as it has done good. It has given far too many people a big mouth without actually having to have one, or even having to have anything of substance to say. It has opened the floodgates for buffoons who have no actual concept of what they believe in to regurgitate their brain fluid-flavored mouth-diarrhea onto their virtual composition pads for the whole world to see and lose a chromosome to. With the digital age comes the age of pretentiousness and goes the age of self-awareness. More than ever, the people of this sort (again, mostly dumb millennials. The same ones who voted for a dead gorilla in our recent presidential election) are able to endlessly spout off their empty rhetoric and drain the life and meaning out of every single word that once stood for something. It seems that nowadays, everyone has to have a label. Something they could stick their name to. A ‘label’ that has no actual connotation to who they really are as a person. Two words in particular: Nihilist & Misanthrope.

I’m not going to give a lesson on nihilism or misanthropy or here, you have Google for that. There are different branches of meaning to them and it would be too much to get into here. To sum it up, depending on how you view things, nihilism in simple terms, can either be the rejection of moral principles and lack of belief in morality (moral nihilism), rejection of the notion of the existence of any objective truth and belief that everything is subjective (epistemological nihilism), the belief that nothing physical exists outside of the mind and everything is imaginary (metaphysical nihilism), or just the simple belief that there is no meaning in life and we don’t matter whatsoever (existential nihilism). Again, for the more in-depth stuff, pull it up on Google. I bring these up because, just like many other words or terms or ‘labels’ that once held significant meaning or value, this day and age, nihilism is now just another cool and quirky phrase that any slack-jawed numbskull can put into their Instagram bio in an attempt to feed their bloated, self-flagellating false sense of self-worth to the world or for their unoriginal, uninteresting, gimmicky, edgy ‘aesthetic’ they design to make themselves seem more interesting or ‘deep’ and intellectual to anyone they can fool. In reality, however, all these morons achieve is making themselves look like the teen to young adult equivalent to pre-schoolers play-fighting while pretending to be wrestlers or power rangers on the playground. So congratulations. This is a pattern that has spanned quite a few years now and it hasn’t gotten any less irritating to see in that time.

Then you have misanthropy. The reason I give it it’s own paragraph is because although it goes quite hand-in-hand with nihilism, it’s meaning is much more straight-forward. It’s a general dislike or disdain for humanity. Again, i’m still scratching the surface, so to go more in-depth, visit Google. Anyway, not much else to say about this particular term that I didn’t already say in the last paragraph. Just as much as with ‘nihilist’ you can go onto any random hipster glasses-baring doofuses social media bio and chances are that word will pop up in some variation or another for the same reason. It will make you either laugh or cringe, but either way, the trend has overstayed it’s welcome and the longer it’s around, the more aggravating it will become.

(We should all just aspire to be the guy on the left.)

Look, I understand being very young and trying to conjure up a quirky, edgy persona for yourself without actually knowing what you’re really into or the true definition of what you claim to be. 14 & 15 year old me is absolutely guilty of it. I used to call myself a ‘satanist’ and draw pentagrams on my palm and the cover of every notebook I cluttered my knapsack with. Then you know what happened? At 16 I grew a fucking brain and realized how dumb I was acting and how shitty the facade was that I was putting on and how little I knew about any of the things I claimed to be so into. As I got older, I learned much more and first off, realized how stupid and hypocritical ‘Satanism’ really is (seriously, fuck you. Fucking sheep in wolves clothing. Especially you LeVayan choads) and gravitated more towards what made more sense to me and felt more right, and none of it involved religion.

Now at 26 I call myself Scvm and run a shitty blog devoted to angry music and shitting on SJWs… go figure!

However, i’m particularly talking to the 18-20 somethings who are guilty of this. The ones who should already know better and actually have an understanding of the things that interest you greatly enough. See, unlike the little kiddies who are still learning, all you morons are trying to do is make yourselves look more like the intellectual or artist you always wanted to be but failed miserably at trying to. You’re nothing more than a bitter, stuck-up hapless hipster who will drain the meaning out of any word or phrase by plastering it all over your diluted farce of an aura to further your delusion that you have some level of depth to your character, all while fooling very few to absolutely no one. You’re no different than the self-fellating internet hacktivist scene who over-saturate and drain the value out of words like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘problematic’, ect. until they’re nothing more than mere buzzwords for the rest of us to roll our eyes to. You’re not deep, you’re not interesting, you’re a knuckle-dragging plebeian who needs to delete every account you own and crawl under a bolder to rot away. You’re nothing and deserve no recognition. Nothing less, nothing the fuck more.

Now, do I consider myself a nihilist or misanthrope? Well, I certainly do have traits of both. I understand both, but do I have to put them in my bio or description to prove that I do? Fuck no. Just read my twitter or blog and you’ll find out for yourself. Simple. I know that may come of as self-blowing or horn-tooting, but screw it. I don’t know how else to put it. If you’re going to call yourself something, have at least a moderate understanding of what the hell it is. Or else leave it the fuck alone. You don’t have to impress anyone nor does anyone have to be impressed by you. You’re just another hairless monkey on this rock we inhabit. You can have your views, but make sure they’re valid. It’s that simple.

That’s all for now. I don’t want to make this too long. This is something I wanted to tackle for quite a while now and today just so happened to present me the chance to do so. So here it is. Read it or don’t, I don’t care either way. I’m not your parent and even if I was, i’d neglect you.

Until next time.



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