Some New Shit I’ll be Doing

I’ve been trying to think of other things to do on this blog other than rants, personal stuff and thoughts on new albums. For one, I don’t just want to talk about NEW albums, I want to talk about other albums and bands I like or have been listening to. I also want to talk more about movies (mostly Horror, but others too), and other interesting shit. I’ve just been at a bit of a loss lately thinking of stuff to write about. However, I DO have a few new ideas that I will be putting into effect soon! Just for starters, that is. Here are a few of them…

Random Recs – I’ll be giving my quick thoughts on non-new albums that i’m listening to at that point in time that I like. Mostly more obscure stuff that I discover or just don’t think get enough recognition.

Discography Dialogue – My quick thoughts on each album by a band that I choose. Basically a retrospective of sorts. One band per-post.

Just My 2¢ – My quick thoughts on random topics and current events, not fit for full rants.

Movie Mumblings – My quick thoughts on movies I’ve recently watched. Again, mostly Horror, but other stuff as well.

Mouthing the Macabre – Talk about the paranormal and other strange, unexplained and morbidly interesting and fascinating things from around the world.

That’s about it for now. Be on the lookout for those segments on here. I just want to make this thing a little more lively and entertaining and do other things than talk about new albums and do rants. I’ll try to come up with other shit in the future, but for now, here you go. Stay tuned, cunts!

(I tried my best with these ‘witty’ segment names. Blow me.)

Until next time.



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