Just My 2¢ | Trump’s Inauguration

So it’s official. The big orange Devil straight from the nightmares of libtards is in office. Tears of the left fall like rain, Michael Moore continues to embarrass himself and rioters with nothing better to do with their worthless lives continue to make even ME feel better about myself as a person. Just another day in the 2010s! Sorry excuses for ‘activism’, whiny pissbabies continuing to expose this generation for how intolerant and self-victimizing it really is, and more and more reasons for me to write these kinds of posts and express my disdain for the human population (so, in essence I suppose it’s a good thing. More material for me!). Anyway…

I don’t worship the guy. I don’t think he’s fucking Superman or really gonna ‘make us great again’ and I don’t think anybody thinks that way, as they shouldn’t. I barely even consider myself a ‘conservative’. At the same time however, the left seem to have this vision of Trump as the Devil, Hitler and the actual boogeyman all rolled up into one. They believe this guy to be the walking manifestation of the apocalypse who will actually catapult us head-first straight into certain death and the eternal void that follows. They base this view on what the media has spoon-fed them over the last 2 years, and they run with it. It’s this exact hive-mind mentality that has divided us now more than ever and pushed a vast majority of Americans in the right wing direction, as opposed to 2008 when we were promised a ‘change’ that never came. But i’m not here to rant about the left or the fear-mongering of the media. That’s a whole other rant. I just want to say a few words to the overreacting left, this time as a calm and collected human being.

Look, relax. The big, bad orange-haired wolf isn’t what you perceive him to be. He isnt Hitler, he isn’t the devil or the monster the hacks at BuzzFeed made you believe he was. He’s just another old white man in office, just like the other 43 were (who were white). He isn’t going to directly affect you or your life and the only ones who are going to suffer from it are those who bring it upon themselves. It isn’t the government’s responsibility to fix or maintain the quality of your own life. It is yours. So to blame him for yours or anyone elses suffering is redundant. The most you can do now is just take a breath, stop trying to change something you can’t and move on with your life. It’s that simple. Drink some coffee or tea, take a xanax, eat a nice meal and just chill out. Stop with the fake hacktivism and smashing of McDonald’s and Starbucks windows and realize that this is the deal now and we have to face it. Stop acting like savages and show us that you can be more than just the crybabies you have made yourselves out to be. Stop reading BuzzFeed and watching CNN and think for yourselves. You don’t have to like the man or agree with everything or anything he says or does, but you do have to accept that he is in office now and you are partly to blame for it. Rioting and protesting and blocking highways and trying to hinder the rights of others will sure as shit not do the trick. As now proven, it will only do the opposite. So put your feelings aside and move on. This is the reality now.

Until next time.



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