Quick Album Thoughts | 1/23/2017

Well, it’s a couple weeks into the new year now, and boom! I already have a few new albums to talk about. One of which I waited 2 months to hear and could NOT wait to bless my ears with (and it was WELL worth the wait) and 5 of which are pretty good too. So let’s cut the bullshit and get to it. These are my first 6 new albums of 2017.

The Drip: The Haunting Fear of Inevitability

Kicking the year off are these up and coming purveyors or early Full of Hell style Crusty, Grindy, super angry chaotic Hardcore and they kick things off with a bang. Not too much to be said about this that hasn’t already been said about 95% of other bands within this genre in the last few years. Blast beats? Evil tremolo riffs? Pissed off shouting vocals? Short and sweet? Check, check, check and… uhh… check! This is exactly what you’d expect from a band of this variety. Nothing less or more. Is that a bad thing? Not quite. It is a little on the generic side, but still worth a listen. If you’re into early Full of Hell or Homewrecker or Bone Dance, give it a shot.

Big End Bolt: Killstruments & Deathods

Now, I know this one is technically a 2016 album, but they released it at the literal ass-end of the year. December fucking 30th. So fuck it, it might as well be a 2017 album, so i’m treating it as such. This is another one I was really anticipating and it was also well worth the wait. This is a really damn good Russian Brutal Death Metal album that will please ears accustomed to the likes of Ingested, Cerebral Bore, Katalepsy and Wormed. Very heavy, very blasty and groovy, very in your face and very energetic and abrasive. Highly recommended for fans of all things brutal and devastating and collectors of all things putrid. I wasn’t looking forward to this one for nothing. Give it a listen!

Code Orange: Forever

One of my favorite bands and one of the best around today and creators of my favorite album of 2014 are back at long last with yet another fucking banger of a 34-minute batch of songs that enticed and spellbound me just as much as the last one did! If you’re familiar with Code Orange (and everyone should be), you’ve already heard I Am King and know what it’s about. What I loved about that album is it’s incredibly creative blend of Hardcore, Sludge, Crust, Shoegaze and small hint of Death Metal that created this really dark and brooding atmosphere and mixed perfectly with the devastatingly ruthless and raw style that these guys bring to the table. It was one of the most compelling albums I heard in years at that point and afterward I spent the last 2 years wondering how they were going to follow it up. Well I finally got my answer and fuck me running is it quite an answer! This album is even more out there and takes thing in an even more intriguing direction, adding some more elements to the mix  such as Industrial, Grunge and even a hint of Noise. This is another twisted journey with even more twists and turns than last time. 2 tracks in particular that totally caught me off guard were Bleeding in the Blur and Ugly. Two Grunge-influenced songs that I would have never saw coming from these guys and they pull it off well. Excellent songs. Others that stand out are the Industrial-influenced The Mud and Hurt Goes On that start off as these electronic beat-laiden spoken-word passages and jump right into a flurry of heavy relentlessness, and Dream2 which i’m pretty sure is a sequel to Dreams in Inertia. The only gripe I have with this album is the abrupt endings that occur on some tracks which is an obvious nod to their earlier works, but I can look past that. Overall this is another excellent outing from this band and anther reason to keep them in my favorites spot. These guys are truly a force to be reckoned with and I can’t recommend them enough. Well done, CO, well done.

Filth Collins: Demo 2017

13 tracks and 5 minute (yup, 5 minutes) of heavy, dirty, grimy Grindcore flavored Powerviolence, complete with harsh, growly vocals, gnarly, chunky guitars and blastbeats delivered by just as gnarly sounding drums. A short and sweet slab of grindy, powerviolent goodness for fans of such. Give a listen if you are!

Viranesir: Supports Flag Burning and Female Raping

From the realm of audio sickness that is the band Blliigghhtted comes one of the most provocative and offensive Black Metal projects, perhaps ever. Viranesir, helmed by Bliigghhtted frontman and filmmaker Emir Toğrul, offers a very experimental and kinda surreal, yet very straightforward and primitive style of Black Metal and it’s very well done. Vocals that range from shrieks to whispers to maniacle yells and laughs, hazy sounding blasty drums and weird but interesting tremolo riffage bleeding out of loud, piercing guitars. Very well structured and very nasty stuff. The main thing makes this project infamous, however, is the extremely offensive and FAR from politically correct lyrical subject matter that this project offers. So much so that he was banned from Bandcamp of all fucking sites. As ridiculous as that is, and i’m sure it can provoke some sort of discussion of censorship in music (maybe i’ll write something on it), either way, I gave this a shot because I liked Blliigghhtted so much (and because unlike 卐 Bandkamf 卐 and a certain group of people on a certain side of the political spectrum we all know and love, I actually support artistic expression and freedom of speech) and I loved it, as well as much of his previous works under this guise, and whether tongue in cheek or not, a lot of these lyrics do make for a good laugh. As long as you’re not an uptight knob, that is. There are some moments on this that remind me of Blliigghhtted, particularly Into the Cunt of the Witch, particularly the last 3 tracks which I believe were tied together. Again, very well done. Anyway, not to ramble on about this, but in short, very good album, very good sound, and while I don’t necessarily agree with some of it, the lyrics were at least entertaining (again, I like Anal Cunt too). If you’re not a liberal turd or SJW or just a faggot and understand art and like weird but sick Black Metal, give this a shot!

A.F.I.: S/T (The Blood Album)

A.F.I. have become a very polarizing band in recent years. Starting out as a Gothy Punk band who put out classics like Black Sails in the Sunset & The Art of Drowning and transitioning into an Alternative outfit responsible for their biggest and most well known album Sing the Sorrow, which still gets praised to this day. After that, the albums that followed have brought on a very mixed reception. Many preferring their older output and many others liking both. This especially came with the release of their last album Burials, which I personally loved. To me, it was the same core style of dark and romantically toned Alt-Rock, but much more mature in nature. Now, I understand why some people may be turned off from these guys, particularly Davey Havok’s vocal style. It is very unique and a required taste, but I enjoy it. This brings us to their new one. Self-titled or The Blood Album, whichever you want to call it, this one brings the same style as Burials did to the table. Not too different at all, but still very decent. None of these tracks REALLY blew my mind and captivated me, but some of them do stand out and are very good. Aurelia, Snow CatsShe Speaks the Language to name a few. Still, a very decent album and much better than I was expecting. Again, I get why some aren’t fans of newer A.F.I. but it deserves ust as much credit as their older incarnation. Recommended!

That’ll do it for now. Quick note that from now on these posts will contain no more than 6 albums. I’m trying to cut down this year on the amount of new albums I take in because too much can get unbearably exhausting. So yeah. Give these a shot… or not. I’ll be back in a couple weeks with more!

Give Code Orange a shot! Dammit!

Until next time.



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