Just My 2¢ | Punching Nazis, Shia LaBeouf’s Buffoonery, Boycotting Everything & Royal Rumble

You know, I never intended to get too political on my social medias. I don’t even consider myself either right of left, nor do I give THAT much of a shit about politics as a whole. All I really want to do in all honesty is just sit back, have a cup of coffee and watch both sides kill each other like a couple of feral cats in my back yard. Some things, however are just far too irritating to ignore. That can absolutely be said about the topics below (with the exception of the last one). So i’m just going to say my piece about each of these and be done with it. Here we go.

Nazi Punch Mania

With Trump’s inauguration (unsurprisingly) came more hapless protests and rioting. Windows were smashed, cars were set on fire, anarchy, usually intended for 12 year olds ran rampant in the streets of many cities. Mainly Washington DC. One incident, however that occurred during this fuckfest, was when noted Neo-Nazi (or Alt-Righter in Hipster terms) Richard Spencer took a sucker-punch in on the side of the jaw by one of these shit-spewing (and shit-eating) SJW cumstains that triggered (yes, I meant that) the internet into a self flagellating frenzy of celebration and instigation of the noble deed carried out by the shit-eating cuck in question. The guy is now a fucking hero. He’s being cheered and revered all throughout the internet by slack-jawed anarchist windbags and far lefists in general. The funny thing about it, however, is that none of these so-called ”activists” were screeching about punching Nazis at all before this took place. I never once saw these cretins talk about laying one on a fascist before until it happened to Spencer and the internet blew up about it. Why is that? Because it’s just the latest trend that every ‘antifa’ schmuck is going to cling on to just for social brownie points. That’s why.

I mean sure, there’s the whole “Good Night White Pride” thing that you see on every greasy, homeless Punk’s vest that depicts a Nazi being stomped on, but that’s about as far as I’ve seen it. No one was ever advocating walking up to an actual Nazi in the flesh and giving them a nice right hook (mainly because none of these doofuses have the balls to actually do it) until that coward BLINDSIDED him and ran off, probably while yelling “Love Trumps Hate”. VERY anti-fascist indeed. Now all of a sudden, everybody with a phone or computer is willing to fight and ‘die’ for their rights. Boy oh boy what a laugh.

First off, sit the fuck down! If you were really willing and ready to fight for your rights and stand up to your oppressors, you would have been out there punching Nazis long before it was cool, and you sure as hell wouldn’t be boasting about it on social media. This isn’t any different than #NotMyPresident or cucky male feminists trying to get laid. All you want is the attention and the agilation. It has fuck all to do with how socially conscious you are or what have you. It’s all about acceptance and your bloated, hungry egos. If you really want to go punch Nazis, or just people you disagree with, be my guest. Just do it face to face and not from behind or the side, and don’t call yourself an anti-fascist while you do it, because you’re not. If not, which is most of you, then stay home and keep your mouth shut.

Shia Labeouf’s Protests and (Rightful) Arrest

From starring in unwatchable Transformers reboots to cringe-inducing motivational videos to watching all his movies in tears for hours like the self-absorbed, attention seeking, fangirl-worshiped shitbag that he is, Shia LaBeouf reached a new low this week when he took to the streets and supposedly started a 4-year protest of Trump’s presidency. Along side Manson Family-esque followers who joined in on droning the chant “He Will Not Divide Us” as they one by one get taken off in handcuffs, which Shia eventually did as well, and rightfully so.

Shia, you can make all the attempts you want to make yourself a hero of the rainbow-haired, armpit hair-dyed, sexually confused, mentally ill far left and have your balls and knob covered in their Starbucks-tainted saliva to make yourself seem like a good noodle in the eyes of the so-called ‘woke’ public, but in reality, all you are is making yourself look like an even more insufferable, overrated, pompous, crotchety, whiny dickhead trying turn yourself into a meme to keep yourself from slowly fading off into irrelevance. Also, you can be as anti-Trump as your heart desires, you can go to any march you can make it to, partake in any protest you want and try to protest for as long a you want to, even 8 years is he gets another term (which he will), but it will change absolutely NOTHING. You and your little minions can scream and cry into the wind as loudly as you want to, but it ain’t gonna change a damn thing. No matter how many times your parents told you when you were a stupid child that your voice can make a ‘difference’, it was a lie. Your voice means nothing and neither do your attempts at maintaining your stature. Just ask this turd.

So, shut the fuck up, let yourself drift off into obscurity and embrace the void. You might even like it. More peace and quiet. Fuck you, Shia LaBeouf, fuck your stupid name that I can’t spell without googling and fuck your brainless followers. He will not divide us, YOU will divide yourselves.


When I woke up this morning, the first thing I saw upon opening Twitter was #BoycottStarbucks in the trends. My immediate reaction was a deep groan and an eye roll. A few days before that I saw #BoycottUber. Before that it was #BoycottDelta, and so on. My reaction to all of those was the same. Everybody wants to find the slightest, pettiest reason to quote “boycott” something the same way everybody wanted to sue everyone for the stupidest reasons a few years back. Now, I will say that I do understand the reasoning behind the latest one on Starbucks.Refugees should not be given jobs for just waltzing on into the country. They should instead be put on a ship and sent the fuck afloat. But that’s a whole other rant. I’m going to keep this one short. First it was the stupid red cup that got Christians upset at Starbucks, then it was Delta Airlines for that shithead YouTube troll who pulled that stunt, who should have just been kicked the fuck out and done with, then Uber for some shit involving one of it’s drivers and now Starbucks again for the refugee thing. Look, while I do understand the reasoning behind the latest one, if you’re really upset at a company or whatever for some petty, meaningless stunt they pull, just shut up and move on and if you want to stop using their services, then do so. Theres no need for stupid, fruitless hashtags to be showing up on Twitter every goddamn day. Just because you’re done supporting a certain company or service doesn’t mean every one else has to.

Besides, Starbucks is just Dunkin Donuts for Hipsters and gentrified neighborhoods.So who gives a shit what they do?

Royal Rumble 2017

And on a bit of a lighter note, here are my thoughts on this years Royal Rumble. Might as well put it here. Overall, it wasn’t a bad show. Pretty good actually, but the rumble match itself, which is the main thing I was looking forward to, was nothing short of disappointing. Just a shittily booked clusterfuck with an even shittier outcome that I just couldn’t bring myself to care for. If you saw the show, you know what i’m talking about and probably agree with me. I think we can alse agree that they REALLY, REALLY want us to like Roman Reigns. Oh well.

And thats if for now. Just wanted to put this out there. Now back to wallowing in my misery of a nasty cold and sore throat. Yay!

Until next time.



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