Quick Album Thoughts | 2/6/2017

Now, this time around, i’m only giving my thoughts on 4 albums because these last 2 weeks have been a crapfest and I haven’t had the chance to listen to a lot of them. The 4 that I did listen to though, were definitely worth the effort I did put in. All pretty damn good albums. So, without any further bullshit, here you go.

Author: Lopun Alku

These first two bands I found while looking for new Black Metal albums coming out this year thus far. Nothing really too interesting so far except for these two. First the debut from these guys from Finland, Author. This is a pretty good little slab of grim, loud, shrieky Finnish Black Metal in the same vein as Sargeist or early Horna. Pretty standard, nothing too unique, but still pretty damn good. Good start to the new year in terms of Black Metal alongside Viranesir.

Heathen Deity: Religious Purification Through Fire

The second of this Black Metal album duo is by these lads from the UK. Heathen Deity are also a new, up-and-coming band I discovered while conducting this search and i’m glad I found them. Much like Author, they play a pretty standard style of Black Metal, kinda similar to early Gorgoroth. Nothing groundbreaking but still very well done. If you’re looking for straight up, simple formula Black Metal with shrieks, evil tremolo riffage and blasbeats, I highly recommend these two outputs!

Analepsy: Atrocities from Beyond

Now time for some good old Slamming Brutal Death, brought to you by these sick Portuguese fucks! Analepsy have unleashed their sophomore effort and I finally got to give it a go and what a go it was. This is a very solid, hard hitting. thick, heavy as fuck, blasty as all hell and downright vicious Slam album that grabs you by the throat and demands your attention from start to finish. Reminded me of the latest Katalepsy. Not breakdown-reliant, very groovy in parts, blasty in parts, well done and not overly done gutturals and just all around crushing. Definitely recommended for all Slam heads, or whatever they’re called.

Kreator: Gods of Violence

Last but surely as fuck not least, we have the much anticipated new album by the almighty German Thrash legends, Kreator. Going into this one I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was sort of expecting something good, but nothing too extravagant. What I got, however was a pleasant surprise. This is a great fucking album and it totally surpassed my expectations via rocket ship. Very energetic, very abrasive, super aggressive and nasty. Filled to the brim with sweet riffs ad catchy grooves and completed by the still consistent raspy, yelly vocal style of Mille Petrozza. Some may call it cheesy, but as i’ve said before, that’s part of what Thrash is. This is still a great output and well worth the wait. Some may disagree, but i’m not you, so screw off. Highly recommend this one!

That’s it for this week. Hopefully these next couple weeks won’t be so shitty so i’ll have more time to check out more new outings that i’m looking forward to. For now, check these out, or don’t. They are all recommended though. It won’t hurt.

Until next time.



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