Movie Mumblings | Split

I haven’t been in the mood for movies lately. For the last number of months I just haven’t been interested in watching any. Especially Horror, which I mainly watch. Movies just isn’t where my mind is at at the moment. However, there is one movie that I’ve been hearing almost NOTHING but praise for. Everybody from friends & family to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the neighborhood hobos and Gutterpunks. So much so that I just said “fuck it” and went out of my way and watched it myself. That movie is the one i’m talking about right now for my first installment of Movie Mumblings. A movie I never intended to even care about watching because it’s from a director I usually can’t fucking stand. It’s M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

… and boy, i’m glad I did watch it.

I usually never give into hype, especially when it comes to Horror films, because 9 times out of 10, it turns out to be a piece of shit (*cough* The Witch *cough*), and going into this one, I expected the same. I finally gave in and went out of my way to give this movie a watch due to hearing almost universal praise for it, despite not being in a mood for movies these days. Upon watching this one, however, I was pleasantly surprised, which is insane considering this is an M. Night Shamalamadingdong film (the way I usually say his name, deservingly so), but this time around he actually pulled one off. This is a very well done, well casted, well acted and creepy as all shit ride from start to finish. Best movie created by M. Night since Signs.

There was also a lot of complaining from people about the film’s heavy theme of mental illness, which has been a theme in Horror movies and movies in general since the beginning of film, so that proves itself to be more snowflake horseshit, but that’s beside the point. This movie portrays the nature of multiple personality disorder (or dissociative personality disorder as they called it) in a very clever and very creepy way, and that can especially be accredited to lead actor James McAvoy, who absolutely nailed this role. His commitment to the roll shines through with his ability to transition between the different personalities of the main character so smoothly with specific traits and mannerisms for each of them, allowing the audience to know exactly who he is with each change, which is really damn impressive and Oscar-worthy. Another one who deserves all the credit in the world is supporting actress Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey, a very layered and well developed character throughout the film. She’s one of those characters the film makes you care about and have sympathy for, which is kind of a lost art in modern film. The slow reveal of her past traumas that equip her well enough to handle the situation is very well executed and I applaud both her and M. Night on that effort. Those other two girls he kidnapped were also not bad, but they die not all that far in, so eh.

If there’s one gripe I have with this film, it’s that I wish they would have been more subtle with the Beast personality. The Beast is the “final boss” personality, so to speak of Kevin (the real person suffering from the illness) who’s basically a crazed cannibal. The problem, however, is that they went a ted overboard with it. JUST a tad. His slight body transformation and sudden ability to bend steel bars and crawl on the ceiling was a bit too much in my opinion. They should have just made it another personality of his, who looks the same but is a crazed, killer cannibal. That, to me would have been much creepier. In my opinion, less is more when it comes to Horror and dark stuff in general (art, music, ect.). But still, it wasn’t too over the top, so it’s fine. Again, just a tad overboard.

Now, the biggest surprise of all comes at the end. The big reveal that this is actually the origin story of a supervillain that takes place within the universe of Unbreakable. Very clever and awesome, the way this was done. I’m not sure how this will be followed on in future films, and i’m usually not one for Superhero movies, but this one I might have to watch… as soon as I can get my desire to watch more movies back.

Overall, this was a great film. Again, I was pleasantly surprised and I applaud M. Night for this one. Not all his movies are bad, but a majority of them are, so it’s refreshing when he comes out with a good one, and this one indeed was a good one. VERY fucking good.

… and let’s not forget about the best scene in the entire damn film.

Just iconic.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will try to do more of these in the future once I find some more movies to invest my time into. Right now, i’m just at a stand-still with it, but i’ll be in a mood for it one of these days. For now, just give this film a watch if you haven’t already. I highly recommend it, as well as half the world. The hype is real on this one, folks!

Until next time.



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