Just My 2¢ | Black Metal & Antifa Snowflakes

Just when you think something has died down, it rears it’s ugly fucking head yet again, usually in an even more ridiculous form or fashion than before. In the last couple of years there have been various protests across the globe of Black Metal shows, tours and festivals that were supposed to take place featuring certain bands that to them, may or may not possess the fascist/Nazi ideology. Bands that have fallen victim to this nonsense thus far are Peste Noire, Graveland, Taake and most recently, Marduk. The Graveland protests actually got an entire festival shut down in Canada. There was also an incident involving one man Death Doom act Disma that got him booted from Netherlands Deathfest a few years back for the same reason.

These ridiculous, childish acts are the same as the Trump protests/riots, killing cops over shooting violent thugs and the Nazi punching craze that took the internet by storm a couple weeks ago at Richard Spencer’s expense. How did that one work out, by the way?


I see.

You’re changing absolutely nothing.

What you morons continue to fail to realize is what you’re calling ‘activism’ is in actuality, the exact thing you’re trying to fight against. This seemingly endless slew of violence, scare tactics and fear mongering to get your ideological agenda across is the exact definition of fascism. Oh, how wonderfully progressive! Sucker-punching and autistic screeching is the new tree-hugging.

Anyway back to the Black Metal situation. You can even consider this post a Black Metal & Special Snowflake Syndrome part II in a way, because i’m more or less repeating what I said in that post, which is ridiculous that I even have to do, but unsurprising nonetheless. If you’re a progressive who’s into Black Metal, knowing it’s history and subject matter, what were you expecting? Were you expecting the entire genre to stop and completely restructure itself to specifically meet your needs? To cater to your feelings and beliefs? Were you expecting NSBM bands to notice you and say “You know what? Maybe we’re wrong. We should read a history book and forget everything we know and believe and incorporate it into our music because this person may not be happy or feel safe if we play a show they go to.” Well, here’s what you should expect instead: a fucking reality check.

Black Metal is not about catering to your ideological whim. It’s not about caring about the fragile feelings or ego of anybody who chooses to listen to it. It was YOUR choice to do so, and just because you’re into it doesn’t mean you can change it. The role of an entertainer is to entertain you and the role of a fan (you) is to be entertained. END OF TRANSACTION. As a fan, the only thing you’re entitled to is the product the entertainer offers you and you can take it or leave it and as an entertainer, the only thing their obligated to is to put on the best show they possibly can for your sorry ass. That’s it. Bottom line, point blank, period. The fact that you self-righteous buffoons have the audacity to think you have the right to tell these bands where to play or what to talk about or even think you have the power to do so, despite the fact that you’re not their manager or even have the credentials to be is sickening and it’s yet another testament to how pompous and self-centered this generation generally is. You can cry ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ all you want and you can claim all you want to be in favor of ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’, but at the end of the day, the only one’s freedom that matters is yours.

So, Antifa, particularly “Metal” Antifa,  you’re probably not going to read this, but listen up. If you want to fight for something and make a change, whatever the fuck that may be, fine, but guess what you’re going to get out of stopping musicians from performing at a certain venue and essentially taking their livelihood away, considering most of their money comes from merch sales on tour? Absolute jack fucking dick all. That’s what. They’re just going to prance on over to another venue and joke about how stupid you are on stage. Rightfully fucking so. You’re not going to change the way they think or the minds of the fans with actual common goddamn sense. All you can do is just shut the fuck up, move on, and look for something that’s actually worth fighting against that won’t make you look like the fascists you’re fighting against. Also, stop listening to Black Metal. If I were one of these bands and you fucks protest me into cancelling a show at a venue, i’d bring the show to your doorstep and play outside your house for a week straight.

Until next time.



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