Random Recs | February 2017

Strap in, folks. This is gonna be a bit of a long one.

While I haven’t found much time lately to listen to many new albums, amidst all the chaos this month has brought my way, I did listen to plenty of stuff that has been already established in my musical repertoire. I’ve gone threw a couple of interesting kicks in the last few weeks of certain genres that have greatly influenced this months edition of this feature. That being said, prepare for a good amount of Blackened Death, Goregrind & a little bit of Stoner Doom for this one. As weird as that sounds, if you know me, you know it isn’t unusual.

Anyway, here’s what has blessed my ears throughout this month that I recommend to you fine folks.

Thy Sepulchral Moon: Incantations Inciting Demise

I came across this album in early January and kicked myself for not finding it last year. Holy fuck. This is yet another offering of raw, dissonant, filthy Black Metal that has been pleasing me for quite some time now. It’s also just as good. Very intense, extremely vicious and downright nasty, under-produced, super-distorted, sick twisted Black Metal that will please the purest of fans everywhere. If you’re looking for somehing along the lines of Orgy of Carrion or Utzalu, definitely give this a listem! This is a fantastic slab of Raw Black Metal complete with dirty, evil as fuck riffage, just as dirty blastbeat drumming and sick, nasty shrieks for vocals laced with a murky, muddy, almost ritualistic atmosphere that creates a very freakish feel all around. Highly recommended for collectors of all things raw and vile. Great fucking stuff!

Armaggedon: Kill Yourself or Die

On to some more old-school oriented filth. Armaggedon also play a raw brand of Black Metal. Though not as nasty or twisted as the album above, it’s still as evil and ‘kvlt’ as you can get. Nothing fancy or innovative here. Just straight up, simple tremolo riff, blastbeat and shriek-laden Black Metal that harkens back to the days of Burzum, Darkthrone and Judas Iscariot. Simple, but as evil, raw and hateful as it gets. Recommended for old school fans the world over.

Forgotten Tomb: Songs to Leave

Now to trudge into some Blackened Doom territory. Most have heard the name Forgotten Tomb already. They are a pretty well established band at this point. Why are they on this list? Well, why not? I honestly drifted from these guys in the last year or so, but recently reconnected with them and got right back into them. Especially this album. Songs to Leave is a very intense and harrowing 5-song journey of an album that I suggest anyone first discovering these guys to start with. Some may call it Depressive Black Metal, some may classify it as Blackened Doom, but whatever you call it, it’s still a great album of slow and melodic but dark and brooding grooves and tortured, almost mental patient-esque screams and extremely melancholic overtones. Basically, don’t listen to this one if you have a gun to your head or noose around your neck. It won’t help your situation. Either way, great album and still one of my favorites, not only by these guys but in Black Metal in general.

Deiphago: Into the Eye of Satan

On to the Blackened Death side of the spectrum. Starting with this violent, ruthless masterpiece. Deiphago have a reputation of being one of, if not the heaviest and most brutal purveyor of the ‘War Metal’ style, creating some of the most vicious, hateful and insanely fast and unrelenting Blackened Death Metal this side of Revenge and Teitanblood. Don’t expect anything different from this one either. This album, just like their other three, is a 34-minute audio assault on every eardrum unfortunate enough to encounter it. Almost nothing but Blastbeats, ruthless, thick, hellish riffs and demonic growls that would put the beast himself to shame. All of this combined with the harsh and dirty production creates this apocalyptic atmosphere that only adds to the madness. Fantastic stuff by one of the best doing it today. If you haven’t already, give these Phillipino fuckers a shot. It’s well worth it!

Black Witchery: Inferno of Sacred Destruction

The second Blackened Death Metal masterpiece on this list. This time by one of the crown jewels of the sub-genre. Black Witchery are well known and well renound all throughout the Extreme Metal community. This was made evident in February of last year with the unfortunate passing of guitarist Steve “Tragenda” Childers that was felt all throughout the scene. Similar to when Nunslaughter drummer Jim “Sadist” Konya died from a stroke in October 2015. 2 great musicians who left us far too soon but will be remembred as part of 2 of the best acts in all of Death and Black Metal. Anyway, this album is another fantastic offering in the Blackened Death Metal department that offers up a just as evil and ruthless style as Deiphago and Revenge but unique in it’s own way. You’ll find riffs just as evil, drumming just as blasty and vocals just as demonic, but still be able to recognize the style they bring to the table whenever you hear it, just as you would with the other bands mentioned in this paragraph. Another fantastic offering by one of the best to come across and highly recommended to new fans starting out!

Chainsaw Dissection: Zombie Decimation

Also this month, as I said, I was in a mood for some putrid, disgusting, incomprehensible, fast, ridiculous and sexy as fuck Goregrind. Starting with this one-man eardrum wrecking crew of Death Metal-laced Grindy deliciousness, Chainsaw Dissection plays a very raw and primitive style of Goregrind with a very noticeable seasoning of Brutal Death Metal. Some compare him to Mortician, I think mainly because of the Horror themed lyrical subject matter, but to me, this is a totally different animal. The only similarity between these two, really, is the lyrical content and not much more. While Mortician plays a bit of a slower, groovier, more techy style of Brutal Death, Chainsaw Dissection ups the intensity, drops the techiness and brings on a much more ruthless brand of this style. Blasty, programmed drums, nasty, pukey vocals and ripping guitars galore is the best way I can describe this one, which is a good thing, or else this wouldn’t be on this list. If you’re into Brutal Death, Slam or Goregrind, or a mix of any of those, I definitely recommend this one, as well as his other albums. Mortician as well! I like them both.

Last Days of Humanity: Putrefaction in Progress

One of the more notable bands on this list and in this genre, probably the most notorious, Last Days of Humanity is, in my opinion at least, considering they were one of the first bands I found while exploring the genre several years ago, one of the top and most mentioned acts when it comes to Goregrind, alongside Disgorge, Torsofuck and Haemorrhage. If you know about them, you know what they’re about and what they play. Once you put those headphones on and press play on one of their albums, you better be prepared for the loudest, most incomprehensible, fucked and disgusting form of sound out there. There’s a reason these guys are so revered in the underground ‘anti-music’ scene. These fuckers took what bands like Meat Shits innovated with the more Punkier feel in sound and elevated it to even more ridiculous levels of extreme. Some may call it Goregrind, some may call it Gorenoise, but whatever it’s correct fucking pronouns are, it still has everything you’d expect from either description. Retardedly fast drumming, vocals that’ll make you swear he’s actually vomiting all the way through (and probably is) and ruthless, repulsive guitars and bass that don’t give two flying shits or a single solitary fuck about being riffy or sounding pretty. The reason these guys are one of the most mentioned bands in this genre is because they’re one of the best at it and this is one of their best releases doing it. Which doesn’t really take that much skill, but fuck that. Who needs it! Highly recommended for lovers of all things putrid and unfriendly.

Disgorge: Forensick

On to another one of the most well known bands in this scene. Mexico’s Disgorge, other than being confused with the American band of the same name, are known for playing a Brutal Death Metal-laced style of Goregrind, sorta similar to Last Days of Humanity and Chainsaw Dissection, but to a little bit of a lesser degree, but not that far removed. This is just as intense and noisy as the other 2 but in it’s own unique way. Nothing pretty, definitely nothing fancy and only for those with a taste for the sick and disgusting. Again, this is the Mexican Disgorge, so type in ‘(Mex)’ next to their name when you search for them. Give the American one a listen too if you want. They’re not bad either.

Acid King: Busse Woods

Not that would have been the end of this post, and could still have been, but lately I’ve developed a new found infatuation with this genre and I could wait until next month to include these but fuck it! Why the hell wait? Time for some good ol’ Stoner Doom to enjoy a nice hotbox to… or virgin sacrifice if you’re into the Occult side of it. Starting with this female-fronted gem of a band. Acid King is one of the pioneering names within the genre, often mentioned among the best of them, including Electric Wizard (Discography Dialogue on them in the future), Sleep and Windhand. With good reason too. They bring to the table a classic, straight up brand of old school, Black Sabbath style thick, slow, groovy riffs, just as slow and just as thick and bassy drums and perfectly completed by the bass and fantastic vocal styling of Lori S. Very similar to Windhand, whom I absolutely love but still unique enough to be recognized on it’s own. Great album, great band and highly recommended.

Witchhelm: Conjuring

On to the darker side of things. Witchhelm are probably one of my favorite newer acts in the genre. They take a different approach to the style, offering up a more Black Metal-influenced sound and aesthetic. They follow the core formula of Electric Wizard-influenced Occult Stoner Doom, but give it their own little twisted flavor, adding a touch of early to mid 90s Black Metal attitude. As a result, comes an intriguing blend of dark, witchy Doom Metal with heavy, thick riffs that can also fit easily on a 90s Black Metal record, or even a newer one and completed with, eerie, echoed vocals, which i’m a sucker for, in both Doom and Black Metal. Put all those things together and you get this, the first album by now one of my favorite more obscure bands in the genre. If you’re a fan of Stoner Doom, I urge you to check these guys out. It’s well worth it and worth a listen. Especially if you’re into the darker and witchier side of the spectrum. Check out their other 2 albums too. Very well done and very unique. Recommended!

Cough: Still They Prey

When I first heard this album I didn’t like it very much. Mostly because it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I saw Cough as more of a Sludge band at the time because I only heard a little bit of them and took them as such. So upon first listen, I was like ‘meh’, but now, as I listen again, i’m loving it! Now that I know what Cough are really about and am getting my taste in this genre back, I can enjoy it more. This is a ridiculously heavy, atmospheric and very well done mix of the two genres at hand. Just as Sludgey, with crushing guitars, heavy, bassy as shit drums and gnarly growls, as it is Stonery, with groovy, fuzzy riffs and smokey, well done clean vocals. A great dynamic very well utilized. If you’re a Sludge head, a Stoner head or both this is an album for you to bless your ears with. Give this and their first two albums a listen and don’t make the same mistake I did! If you don’t like it at first, give it a few more listens before dismissing it. Trust me, it could be worth it!

Uncle Acid & the Deabeats: The Night Creeper

Last but sure as fuck not least, we have my favorite of the bunch. A discovery I should have made at least 2 years ago. I’ve known of this band since they started buzzing but never really cared enough to give them a listen until now. Fucking hell, was that a mistake on my part! These guys are fucking fantastic. I can now see where the buzz comes from. Especially with this album. If you’re looking for an excellent mix of bluesy, Sabbathy, old souled riffs and solos and distorted, heavy, bassey, Doomy goodness, this is your album & band! This is such a good slab of Psychedelic Stoner Doom Metal that could even please jaded old school fans everywhere. My only gripe is that they remind me a little bit of Ghost, but they are without a doubt far beyond those gimmicky goobers’ level. They don’t need rely on shitty, cheesy costumes or lame characters to get themselves noticed like those hacks do. They let their music speak for itself and it works! This album is full of catchy, gripping and just aesthetically pleasing songs from front to back that just demand your attention from start to finish with a mix of Classic Rock & Doom Metal injected with some old-school Occult aesthetics similar to the likes of Electric Wizard or even Coven. There’s only so much I can say to properly describes these guys to you so just hear them for yourself. If you’re a Doom Metal fan and haven’t heard these guys yet, trust me, it’s worth it, so take the initiative and do so!

That’s all for now, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully this isn’t too much, but it’s what I’ve been mostly into this month. Give some of these a shot if you want. I know Goregrind isn’t for everyone, but I know some of you who like it follow me on Twitter… even though it’s currently suspended, but there’s also my backup account, so follow that one too! I’ll be sharing this one on there.

So, yeah, that’s it. More to come next month.

Until next time.



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