Just My 2¢ | The Oscars Fuckery & Why Certain Subjects are Needed in Art.

I could have written this a couple days earlier, but I was on the fence about it because for one, I don’t think I have much more to add, and also because I don’t give that much of a flying shit about the Oscars to begin with. However, I feel I should at least give some sort of insight as to what I think of this whole situation, so i’ll just make it short and sweet.

So, the 2017 Academy Awards are in the books. The ceremony where all the rich, pompous, artsy fartsy Maryl Streeps of the world get to fellate themselves on front of millions via live broadcast by way of a popularity contest conducted by a horseshit council at a pretentious art Academy. Now, normally I wouldn’t give a dead Mooses last shit or a Monkey’s 5-second fuck about this and therefore wouldn’t be writing about it, but what drew attention and ire to this particular ceremony is the situation that unfolded towards the end of it when the award for best picture was announced. First, it was announced that one movie that I never heard of until that point, La La Land was the winner, in which the entire cast and crew made their way onto the stage to accept. Then, in a shocking turn of events, we were Steve Harvey’d and it was revealed that another movie that I never heard of until that point, Moonlight was the actual winner of the Oscar or Academy Award or whatever the fuck it’s called. The controversy took place right before our eyes (well, not mine, as I didn’t bother to watch) as the cast and crew of La La Land exited the stage and were replaced by the Moonlight gang. So on and so forth.

Now, what makes this ordeal significant, is that normally, it would just me laughed at, shrugged off and forgotten about, but in today’s society, you just can’t expect that. La La Land is some bullshit movie about a bunch of white people dancing. I don’t know, I never bothered to look it up, while Moonlight is about a black man growing up in a rough neighborhood who discovers his sexuality (i’m sure you can guess what it is) and blah blah blah. The only reason I knew that was because of the way Tumblr blew it up when this thing took place, which brings me to the point of this post. As soon as this situation took place, the far, regressive, slack-jawed hacktivist left saw the opportunity and jumped right the fuck on it and once again used contemporary art and cinema to feed their crooked agenda once more. As you saw with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the 3rd wave bitchy, irrational, overweight, rainbow-haired feminist outcry for more strong female characters and more recently with Split, where these ingrates have JUST RECENTLY come to the realization that mental illness is a key component in Horror movie storytelling and has been since the dawn of Horror and cry and piss over the ‘demonization’ of whack-o’s with multiple personalities, this is just another flash in that pan. One of the first things I saw on Tumblr as this divine comedy took place was how ‘satisfying’ and ‘iconic’it was that a white people dancing movie got set up and obliterated by a movie about a black man who takes it where the sun don’t shine. ‘People needed this story, toxic masculinity needed this story, African Americans and racist whites needed this story, more autistic screeching‘ cried the regressives as they try to masquerade a simple, stupid mistake by incompetent mooks at an award show as some sort of victory for their side, which, as a whole is far more hilarious than what transpired on television.

Listen, trust fund millennials, you can call it a victory if it helps you sleep at night, which I totally understand, as I’ve been having trouble with that myself lately, which is one of the reasons why this post is being written so late, but if this movie is so important, so ‘needed’ and so deserving of this, then why did only you ingrates seem to know about it until this happened? This movie came out of nowhere for me and many others, on my social medias particularly. This movie was a total unknown that somehow deserved best picture. If it was so needed and so many of us needed to see it, it sure was promoted pretty poorly. You know what you call a movie, or anything the fuck else for that matter that has such hope going for it but ultimately falls under the radar? A fucking flop. That’s what Moonlight was. Clear as day, and the only reason it was even in the conversation for best picture is most likely either because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is becoming a mecca for crooked far left cuntflaps like you or you bitched and moaned it into that position. If that’s the case, then congratulations, but it means nothing. Nobody ‘needed’ to see this movie. Not anyone exhibiting ‘toxic masculinity’ or white people. Nobody needs to see, hear or feel anything just because you buffoons deem it necessary or because the things we’d rather see are ‘toxic’ or ‘demonizing’ to a certain group of people.

Split was a really good movie. Sometimes, things that may be considered too ‘taboo’ to explore being used is what makes a story more compelling or interesting. It’s one of the things the arts thrive on. Especially cinema. It’s what’s needed. Same goes for other genres of film like Drama. What do we see in those types of movies? Domestic abuse, sexual assault, suicide, ect. Right? Without those elements, what would you be left with to tell a good story? Not much, I don’t think. What about comedy? Comedy takes the biggest hit of them all when it comes to these morons putting limits on things. Humor, without a doubt needs key components to work. Each comedian has their own unique style and subject matter that they use, but it works for them. Some of them just aren’t funny, but others are. What about music? Particularly Metal? Especially Black & Death Metal? Two sub-genres that some of these radical leftists enjoy and ever so ironically try to limit as well, as we’ve seen lately with Marduk, which I made a whole post about. The subject matter that of those 2 genres talk about is a key element that is needed and expected as part of the package. You ever see a Death Metal band talk about gay rights? Or a Black Metal band talk speech boundaries? Fuck no. That’s not what it’s about. Art is expression, and it’s not meant to be limited based on how it bothers a certain small percentage of those who come across it. It’s MEANT to bother, it’s MEANT to disturb and it’s MEANT to provoke thought as well as entertain. For a lot of that, those key elements in subject matter are needed. Plain and simple. Art imitates life and that’s what life is.

So, please, consider this. Just because one subject is important and less taboo, like homosexuality in Moonlight, doesn’t mean that others, like mental illness in Split isn’t. Not only can these things be used to tell an interesting story, they can be used to shed light on these things as well. It just depends on the genre and the kind of story it seeks to tell. If it doesn’t fit your needs or your what you desire to watch, listen to or see, then simply turn away and move on. You’re not above these things and pissing and moaning in protest isn’t going to make them go away. Again, congrats on your movie getting best picture, but it wasn’t to cater to you. It was just how it turned out. Sure, you got to get your jollies off at La La and losing, but it still doesn’t mean you’re in the right.

Your feelings don’t matter when it comes to art. Especially my art.

Until next time.



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