Album Thoughts | Power Trip: Nightmare Logic

‘Retro Thrash’ is a term you hear a lot nowadays. A multitude of newer bands who choose to go the Thrash route tend to try to be a little too old school for their own good. While there’s nothing wrong with going for a more old school sound, some bands just try so hard to pull it off that it reaches the point to where it just becomes a cheap imitation. I bring this up here because Texas Thrashers, Power Trip are often referred to as a ‘Retro Thrash’ band. After hearing this gem of an album, however, I wouldn’t exactly give them that label. I’ll get back to this point in a moment. First, the album itself.

These guys play a very old school-spirited but modern-minded style of Thrash that draws influence by a bunch of different sources. Listening to this album for the first time, I can hear a channeling of everything from Scream Bloody Gore to Spiritual Healing era Death, Morbid Saint & early Demolition Hammer to more modern, more aggressive Thrash titans like Forced Order, Hellmouth or even Gruesome (I know, more Death Metal, but they suck early Death’s dick to no end (in a good way!) and early Death Metal is highly influenced by Thrash, so.. yeah). They draw influence by both old and new school sides of the spectrum and create this style of theirs as a result and do it remarkably and as a result of that, we get this absolute fucking killer of an album.

This is an excellent slab of ridiculously aggressive, riff-driven, loud, fast & raw Thrash Metal in the vein of the aforementioned bands above that shoots right through your ear canals and tears your eardrum asunder without letting up from start to finish. No filler tracks on this one, just pure enhanced old school relentlessness. The way modern Thrash should sound. I put this one right up there with the latest Kreator album as the current standard bearers for Thrash in 2017 thus far. Gonna be hard to top either of those two. This album is rich with tons of catchy riffs backed up by just as catchy verses and choruses. The awesome Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) for example. The groovier side of things is balanced by the faster, more ruthless group of tracks like Firing Squad & without a doubt the best track on the album Ruination. This album is a complex piece of work that transcends what you would call ‘retro’. It’s much more than that. So the distinction of ‘retro’ when it comes to these guys just doesn’t sit right with me. I’d call bands like Iron Reagan retro before I ever give Power Trip that title. It’s just how I see it. Maybe i’m missing something, but whatever.

Anyway, overall, another great album dished out by the Thrash machine to add to the list of great ones thus far in 2017. Not a bad couple months for the genre, honestly. This album is the perfect blend of modern, loud as fuck Thrash with just enough old school rawness injected in. Not over done, just right. I without a doubt recommend it to everyone. Old school, new school, retro, whatever you want to call it, this one is a fucking ripper and an early album of the year contender.

Listen, get earfucked and enjoy.

Until next time.



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