Album Thoughts | Immolation: Atonement

In all honesty, Immolation is a band that I can’t exactly say i’m a big fan of. Not because they’re bad, I know they’re a good band, as I used to really like them, they’re one of those bands I just lost interest in after a while because their style just didn’t do anything for me anymore. I got into them back in 2010 when Majesty & Decay came out and dove down the rabbit hole of their discography and immediately became a fan. After a good few years, however, maybe about a year or so ago, as my genre interests drifted elsewhere, my interest in them just faded. It’s just something that happens with me when it comes to certain bands and certain styles. However, their latest opus, the one i’m reviewing right now, has been greeted with much praise and an overall positive reception upon it’s release by Death Metal and general Extreme Metal fans everywhere. So, I myself decided to give it a go, with the possibility that it would revitalize my liking of them. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Well, after giving it a good couple spins, I can’t say i’m a fan again, yet, but I can definitely say that sonically, this is a really good album. Immolation are known for their unique style of apocalyptically epic and crushingly heavy Death Metal in the vein of fellow legends Morbid Angel & Suffocation. While maintaining the old school essence that put them in the same conversation as those bands as well others like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Deicide, they also possess a certain level of ferocity and chaos in their sound that a good number of younger, more modern bands in the scene try to emulate, many of which to no avail. Immolation takes the old school brand of Death Metal and brings it to a deeper level of ruthlessness and they do it with consistency and a passion that’s clearly still very much alive and well regardless of the amount of years and albums they have under their belt at this point and they’ve only gotten better at it over time.

The music itself, as I said, is as epic as it is crushing and begins it’s assault on you right from the jump. After the very brief intro of opener The Distorting Light, a small, distorted teaser riff winds you up for the first 5 seconds and then BOOM! it dives right into a flurry of crushing and sinister sounding riffs, chaotic blast beat drumming and the signature hellish growls of Ross Dolan, that would put Lucifer himself to shame, all laced in this very apocalyptic atmosphere that qualifies it to serve as the soundtrack to the end times. From then on, you’re assaulted using this very formula for the next 48 minutes, which if you’re a fan of these guys, it will be a very satisfying half hour and 18 minutes. Some other stand out tracks include Fostering the Divide, which is chock full of some killer riffs and Rise the Heretics & the title track, which are both excellent. The rest of the album speaks for itself and is overall a very solid slab of epic, heavy and downright evil as fuck old school Death Metal that will satisfy fans of the like the world over.

So, overall, can I say i’m a fan of theirs again? Maybe. Can they still win me over, for sure. I’ll give their discography another listen and maybe i’ll do reviews on some of their other albums. For now however, this album was surely a satisfying one and probably their best one in quite some time. As I said, I know they are a great band, they’re style was just never one of my favorites. That could change, and maybe it will, and this album proves that it can. For those who are still fans, however, you got a gem on your hands. This review is totally objective and my worthless subjective opinion changes nothing.

Until next time.



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