Movie Mumblings | Southbound

If there’s one thing i’m a sucker for when it comes to Horror, it’s a good anthology movie. Especially of it has a good plot or wrap-around story that intertwines each segment. That’s what makes me such a huge fan of the V/H/S films (minus Viral). So, in the midst of digging around for a good movie to watch during the last couple weeks, a friend of mine gave me the recommendation of the movie at hand of this review. This person is well versed in Horror and does complain a lot about most modern films, so if she recommends me something, i’m pretty damn certain I can trust her. Well, after watching this one, I damn sure can. This is a very unique and very well put together horror anthology with a very solid plot backing it. By the end of it, I was pretty much floored. It’s not often you get a modern Horror film this engaging.

The first thing I noticed when I looked this one up was that it’s written by the same writers of the V/H/S films. Already a plus! Then I read the plot summary and watched the trailer to tune myself up. Looked and sounded interesting. Pretty weird, but still interesting. When I finally gave it a watch, it all came together perfectly and in an awesome way! As always, there will be no spoilers, but i’ll try to summarize it as best I can. The film takes place on a desert highway in seemingly the middle of nowhere during a continuous loop of the same ‘never-ending’ day. It’s devided into 5 different intertwining stories that take place in this area, each one revealing a new secret that the highway & town holds and how these characters found themselves in this never-ending cycle, and something is watching over them as it all goes down. One story revolves around a group of band girls who get stranded on the side of the road and are taken in by a seemingly normal couple, another one revolves around a man who hits someone with his car while driving down the highway and carries them to a nearby hospital that turns out to be a little less more than normal, another one is about a man who tries to hold up a bar in the area and i’ll just leave the rest for you to see for yourself. Sound strange? Sure does, but the payoff to this is well worth it and it all makes sense by the final shot. This is a very intense experience of a film that reveals little by little with each passing scene and contains a fair amount of creepiness and a small pinch of humor. Even going into this one without reading the plot or watching the trailer is fine. A totally blind watch could make for an even better experience.

What I love about this film and the V/H/S films (again, minus Viral) is they can take even the lamest and most tired tropes (hauntings, demons, occult, aliens, ect.) and take them to a whole new, refreshing level of creepy and disturbing. For instance, the segment Slumber Party Alien Abduction from the V/H/S films is the best take on Aliens I’ve ever seen. No joke. Or Safe Haven, also from the second of those films, one of the best ‘mysterious cult’ films of the modern era. These are just shorts, by the way. Overall, this is a fresh and very well put together effort put forth by some of the best writers going today in the almost stagnant modern era of Horror. This one is highly recommended to anyone looking for something that packs a good punch or just looking for a good anthology. Even the cynical and jaded. This is without a doubt a rare diamond in a pile of shit and some may think differently, but even those of us who know our Horror well are pleased, and that speaks volumes. Not too toot my own dick, but whatever.

Give this one a watch!

Until next time.



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