Just My 2¢ | The Paige Scandal and Celebrity Sex Privacy in 2017

So, the last couple days have been interesting to say the very least. Particularly in the wonderful world of Pro Wrestling. This lovely young lady pictured above, WWE star Paige, and I use the term ‘WWE star’ very loosely considering she hasn’t appeared on WWE television in months due to being too busy lollygagging around the world with her current squeeze Alberto Del Rio, or El Patron, whatever name he goes by these days, was the most recent victim of the recent celebrity iCloud hacks that resulted in leaks of tons of photos & videos involving certain, mostly female actresses, singers, athletes, ect. As a result, she has been embroiled in perhaps the biggest sex scandal in recent wrestling history. A SHIT ton of nude photos & videos involving little miss Paige engaging in some risque acts with fellow Wrestlers, including one of the hosts of this year’s Wrestlemania, New Day’s Xavier Woods & former WWE star Brad Maddox. Yes, both at once.


The footage has already spread like wildfire around the interwebs and internet wrestling community in the last 48 hours, opening the floodgates for fat, socially awkward wrestling nerds to tug their pipes with glee at the sight of this poor girl being cock drilled into oblivion by multiple fellas at once. It has been quite a public spectacle thus far, if you ask me.

Now, am I here to judge Paige or Xavier or Brad for what they’ve done? Absolutely not. This type of behavior in 2017 is part of the norm. And Filming yourself fucking is something I, personally wouldn’t do, but if it’s what you’re into, which couldn’t be more obviously the case for little miss Paige here, then more power to you. However, I think there is something to be said about celebrity privacy in 2017 when it comes to sex tapes and nudes and all that jazz, and I believe that there is a certain level of accountability to held on both ends. Now, if you’re a regular person, an average schmo who nobody knows except for those around you, then film yourself plowing someone all you want. Take all the dick & pussy pics you want and send them out until you’re heart’s content. The worst that can really happen is you can accidentally send them to your parents… or your significant other’s parents. *shrugs* Shit happens, right? If you are, however, a celebrity, politician, pro-athlete, musician or some kind of public figure, especially one that people look up to, there is a much higher level of risk that comes with filming your personal sexual activity. Not necessarily career damaging, but possibly tarnishing to your image. Especially if it’s an image you have to maintain for a publicly traded, billion dollar all ages-friendly company like WWE. It also lands on their lap if one of their stars fucks up or is exposed with something like this. If you’re groomed to maintain a certain type of positive image for the public eye, it’s important to protect it at all times.

The reason I bring this up is because in this day and age of the internet and technology and social media and endless information, it’s far easier for these things to be hacked into and leaked to the world. Especially with all these hacker groups that exist because of the takeover of technology. Back in the day, the 90s, 80s and further back, celebrity sex tapes were much harder to come by, because they were actual tapes that sat in someone’s house hidden and protected. Kinda like those porn videos your parents would keep in a special drawer for them to enjoy at night, never to be discovered by you yourself… well, eventually. Plus, most of the time, they were leaked by the parties involved themselves as a publicity stunt. Nowadays, however, in most cases, the publicity ‘stunt’ may be unintentional and involuntary.

Now, am I saying this excuses these hackers for doing what they did? Not at all. Anyone who hacks someone’s personal stuff and leaks personal content to the world without their consent is subhuman scum and these pieces of shit should be thrown in a cell for life. What I am saying is, if you’re famous, be careful what you film on your personal accord. You may wake up one day open your phone or computer and greatly regret it.

That picture with the NXT Womens belt though, Paige… bruh.

Until next time.



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