Sorry Not Sorry | Introduction

What’s one thing in today’s society that everybody just loves to have? You know, that one thing that they love to flaunt around, scream at every stranger, write on every wall and regurgitate on every goddamn street and especially on every social media platform? That one thing people just like to throw in your face at any give opportunity? That’s right…

Unpopular opinions!

Yes, unpopular opinions. Everybody has them, everybody loves ’em and everybody wants everybody to hear them. Especially me. I feel like pissing people off is something that has been lacking on this blog as of late and I think this may be the antidote for that issue. This blog is made almost entirely out of my opinions and views already, but it barely scratches the surface. So, i’m gonna dig deeper. This feature will present some of my more obscured views that may differ from most, if not all. Each post will have a number of random topics that I choose and a paragraph of why I feel that way. Everything will be covered, including music, movies, wrestling, politics, society, science, religion, art, literature, you name it, nothing is off limits and my views, as always, will be expressed in the most raw and unapologetic way humanly possible. So if you’re easily triggered, I suggest you steer clear of this one.

That’s all for now, the first batch of these will be coming in the next couple weeks.

And remember, i’m not sorry.

Until next time.



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