Album Thoughts | Frowning: Extinct

Funeral Doom goes two ways for me. It’s either the boring, droning, dragging on and on while going nowhere style of bands like Bell Witch or Longa Morte, or the crushingly heavy, ominous and gripping style of bands like Mournful Congregation, Ahab, Abstract Spirit, Evoken, Doom:VS or, of course, the band at hand, Frowning.

This is the second album by this German one-man project that much like it’s predecessor, presents said style of crushing, super heavy, thick and ominous ”sit back, relax and enjoy the show” Funeral Doom Metal that blends Death Metal and slow, thick, crunchy riffs and droning, dense drumming. Pretty run of the mill, but still very good and well done. Exactly how I like my Funeral Doom or Death Doom done. The super slow, murky brutality combined with a bleak yet epic atmosphere creates this type of experience that is captivating and gripping, but best listened to just sitting down and relaxing. That’s what draws me to bands like this and Mournful Congregation, Ahab and all the others mentioned above. Being able to listen to something while just sitting down and enjoying it while being captivated by the heaviness and epicness of it at the same time really makes for an interesting experience. This album accomplishes just that.

Funeral Doom is one of those genres & styles that doesn’t have to have too many frills or fuck around too much with needless experimentation. Keeping it simple is the key, and if the listener knows what they’re in for, they will accept it. It’s a common theme in Doom Metal and it’s kept the genre going for decades now. Plenty of bands follow this same formula and are fantastic for it. This is no exception. No bullshit, just dooooooooom.

Again, nothing that exactly reinvents the wheel or does anything innovative, but it doesn’t have to. Even if it is a same-old type of deal, it can still be a really good listening experience. Formulaic doesn’t always mean bad.

Not a long review to be made here. This is a very good, very well done and very epic offering of Funeral Death Doom and one of the many yet to come out this year. After hearing this, I look forward to the other even more. Well done, Mr. Val Atra Niteris, well done!

Until next time.



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