Squared Circle Thoughts | NXT Takeover: Orlando

Another big WWE show, another NXT takeover special to precede it. This time, on the eve of Wrestlemania, NXT comes home to it’s birthplace of Orlando to put on yet another spectacle with the future stars that WWE will one day have to offer. This was A very short card that turned out pretty good and that I surely enjoyed. So without any further delay, let me get my thoughts out on it.

SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain & Nikki Cross) vs Roderick Strong, Tye Dillinger, Kassius Ohno & Ruby Riot)

Capture 2

Ignore No Way Jose in the graphic. He was taken out by SAnitY at Axxxes and was replaced by Kassius Ohno at the start of the match.

Overall, pretty good opener. Really fun with some good back and forth action and everyone got their shit in. Killian Dain fucking rules and I hope he’s the breakout star out of the 4 SAnitY members, SAnitY wins after Dain hits his finisher (forget the name) on Tye Dilinger. Not bad overall.

Ruby Riot is an awful name, by the way.

Aleister Black vs Andrade ”Cien” Almas

Capture 3

The debut of the former Tommy End against a guy who’s been piking up some momentum as of late. Really good match that saw these two pretty much beat the shit out of each other. I’m a huge fan of Aleister Black and I hope he fucks shit up while he’s here and also does so on the main roster eventually. Great theme music too!

Andrade has been growing on me lately. The dude is really fucking good in the ring. At first he was kinda meh and seemed to be flopping in NXT, but he’s been doing pretty damn good since turning heel. I hope he reaches his full potential and kills it because i’m becoming a fan.

Authors of Pain (c) vs DIY vs The Revival (NXT Tag Team Titles)

Capture 4

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this one at first, but it turned out pretty good. The Authors of Pain looked super brutal in this match and everyone else got their shit done too. I love The Revival and I hope they debut on Raw this Monday night. If they do, this is a pretty damn good way to go out. Gargano & Ciampa brought their usual high flying, hard hitting style to the table and the Revival bring their old school dirty heel tactics combined with their old school brawler style that makes them so great and allowed them to have such great matches with the likes of DIY & Enzo & Cass. Add in AoP who did their stuff well and it made for a really fun match. AoP are still developing and hopefully they get better during their title run, but this wasn’t a bad start for that. Overall, pretty good match. I suspect either SAnitY or Heavy Machinery will be their next challengers.

Asuka (c) vs Ember Moon (NXT Womens Title)

Capture 5

The two best women they have in NXT finally collide and what a collision it was. This was a hell of a match. I and many others were expecting this one to be wild considering how good these two are and the track record they both have. They didn’t disappoint. Asuka was her usual, brutal, hard-hitting. shit out of people-kicking, choking bitches out self and Ember was as awesome as ever. Really good match, definitely as good as expected with a somewhat questionable ending. I thought for sure Ember would win the strap, but instead, Asuka continues her undefeated streak. I don’t have a problem with it, it was just surprising and definitely not what I predicted.

The only gripe I really have with this match is the way it ended. The ending could have been better, but what can you really do? Still a really good match that will likely lead to another.

Bobby Roode (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamure (NXT Title)

Capture 6

And to close things off, we have our main event. The Glorious Bobby Roode defendingg the NXT title against the ever so dazzling Shinsuke Nakamura. This was the second match put on by these two, the first of which saw Roode win the title from Shinsuke, and honestly, this was the better of the two. Very good match. I wasn’t a fan of Roode when he first showed up, but he’s grown on me and had perhaps his best performance thus far here. Shinsuke was awesome as always.

Roode wins and keeps the title, which raises speculation on where Shinsuke goes post-Mania. I’m sure I know where everyone is hoping that is.

Other points:

Drew McIntyre is back. Nice!

At least the ladies have a title belt now that they isn’t encrusted with man gravy. You can safely kiss it now!

And that concludes the latest Takeover special. Overall, pretty damn good show. Really good in ring action and storyline progression that leaves you wondering about what’s to come post-Mania. Very entertaining and everyone was on their game. I enjoyed it thoroughly. NXT hasn’t been at it’s best in the last number of months, so hopefully this will lead to better things. We can only wait and see. Mania up next!

Until next time.



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