Movie Mumblings | The Eyes of My Mother

Capping off last weekend, as part of my own personal ”festivities” of Wrestlemania weekend, aside from those new albums and Takeover, I also came across this little gem of a film that I somehow hadn’t heard of until this past weekend. I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to Horror movies over the last couple years, which is why my Movie Mumblings reviews so far have been mostly from previous years, but this one, from 2009, just fell under my radar. Which is wild because it’s almost everything I look for in a good modern Horror flick. Dark, gloomy, and all sorts of fucked up! I finally gave this one a watch over last weekend and loved the hell out of it.

This film revolves around a young girl who at a young age, learns all about the human anatomy and how to deal with death when it happens through her mother, who is a surgeon. She becomes very hardened to the idea of death and the morbid aspects of life as she acquires more and more knowledge of it. One day, however, a random man shows up and ends up killing her mother, to which her father walks in on and takes the maniac captive. From there, things take a twisted turn as this girls morbid fascinations along with her sanity begin spiraling out of control as she gets older and life’s tragedies catch up with her.

The dark, melancholic tone of this film, as well as it being in all black & white was the first thing that attracted me to it, as i’m a sucker for both of those things. Along with a simple but effective plot that’s easy to follow, I was kept interested throughout without any down time. This film is a dark, disturbing journey through the life of a disturbed woman who uses the teachings of her mother to lure unsuspecting victims into her home to do some stuff to them… i’ll leave it to your imagination until you view it yourself.

Some other really unpretty things take place in this one as well… this scene had my skin crawling.

Overall, this is a very well done, very easy to follow and very disturbingly effecting indie Horror/Thriller flick that will leave you feeling dirty and uneasy. It’s not too long either. The only gripe I sorta have with it is the ending, but it’s nothing major. I do recommend this one to fans of Horror and anything shocking. I’ll definitely be re-watching this one sometime in the near future.

Until next time.



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