Just My 2 ¢ | United Airlines Fiasco & Mauro Ranallo vs JBL

This one is gonna piss people off.

I was holding back on writing this one. I felt like these two subjects just didn’t warrant a post about them. Not everything does. However, some people’s warped views on them drove me insane enough to write about them. So, here it is. I’m going to keep these as short and sweet as possible, unless my mind goes on a tangent that gives me more to say. So, here it goes.

The United Airlines Debacle

A few days ago, a video went viral of an elderly man aboard an overbooked American Airlines flight being forcefully dragged off the plane after refusing to leave after being asked multiple times by flight crew personnel. The outrage that followed, unsurprisingly. was overwhelming and mostly in the favor of the old man. Meme after meme after stupid fucking meme was shared all across the social media landscape from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to whatever the fuck else. Hearts bled for this guy as the video made the rounds, and it couldn’t have been more of an annoyance.

Listen, and this especially goes out to the moral-devoid degenerate misfits of the millennial crowd: If you’re on a plane and the crew POLITELY asks you to exit it due to whatever kind of issue, you do it. The same goes if you’re on a bus, train, uber, whatever, if there is an issue that needs to be resolved that requires certain orders to be followed, follow them! It’s that simple. If you don’t, you’re going to be physically forced to. They have EVERY right to do it. I have plenty of experience riding the bus and having to be somewhere (school work, wherever) with some asshole holding it up by misbehaving and causing a scene then refusing to get off when he’s ordered to by the driver. It’s not pretty or fun and everyone on that bus has to get to where they’re going and wants to kill you. Especially here in New York.

That old man was no different and got what he deserved. He was asked to do something and he refused so that’s what he gets. He was holding up and disrupting an entire flight that has an issue that needed to be resolved and couldn’t just wait for the next flight to where he was going. Simple. Done. Period. You don’t have the right to be a disruptive shithead and fuck things up for other people around you. I know the cool thing to do these days is to be a “rebellious” fuckwad, but laws are laws and if you don’t abide, there are consequences. Same goes for old fucks like that man. No one has to kowtow to you just because you’re old. You’re just like everyone else and your actions have consequences. Again, simple. Everyone is now treating this guy like he’s the next fucking Rosa Parks, which he’s not. He was a disruption and an asshole, just like Rosa Parks was a fucking disruption and an asshole.

There, that’s the first one.

Mauro Ranallo Quitting WWE Over JBL’s “Bullying”

Next, we have the latest debacle to hit the world of WWE. No, no sex tapes this time, just more good, old-fashioned alleged ”bullying” by John ”Bradshaw” Layfield, as we’ve been hearing about for years now. This time, at the expense of esteemed commentator Mauro Ranallo, who has missed the last few weeks of WWE TV due to bouts of depression, that he has been suffering from since his teenage years. However, there appears to be more to the story, as this all seems to stem from some crude remarks from JBL on Twitter towards Mauro, which apparently set off his recent depressive patches. And now as a result of all this, Mauro’s status with the company is up in the air.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I am a fan of Mauro Ranallo. He’s probably the best commentator WWE has had in the last 10 years. I’m also not accusing him of what i’m about to talk about. It’s just something that has annoyed me for the last good number of years now. Also, I know JBL is an asshole behind the scenes. He has a record of it and i’m not dismissing it at all. This is also not what this is about. ALSO, I know mental illness is a real thing that people struggle with, and it does suck. So i’m not berating anyone who has it. Got it? Good.

Again, I know mental illness is a real thing that people struggle with. However, there’s something that has been going on over the last few years that I, myself have experience with that needs to fucking stop. It’s this trend of using mental illness as an excuse to either be weak and avoid life’s responsibilities or to be a total asshole to everyone around them. Especially coming from those who either fake being mentally ill or think their mentally ill when their just self ”diagnosed” and assume so.

This may not be a popular sentiment, but it’s the truth. When it comes to certain things, mental illness is NOT an excuse. It’s not a green light for you to treat those who are there for you like shit and to push them away and bring them back whenever you feel like it and it’s not a green light for you to avoid the simplest tasks of your everyday life and get by from it. It’s simply a condition that needs to be treated, not a complete life-blocker. You’re still perfectly able to do things.

Now on to Mauro Ranallo. WWE was supposedly his dream job. He finally got it and did well for over a year. No signs of having to take time off throughout that time. Then all of a sudden, Big Bad Bradshaw makes a stupid, harmless asshole comment and he’s gone for good. Dude, you’re a well-respected announcer and were well liked by fans worldwide, and you’re going to piss that all away because one asshole makes a snide remark? Fuck that. No matter where you go or what you do in life, there will always be some asshole who wants to ruin your day. If there’s an issue, grow a backbone and a nutsack and either take it up with the higher ups or as Jim Cornette said, get a baseball bat and kneecap the motherfucker. Or just knock him out like Joey Styles did. Instead, you just quit your supposed dream job and now you’re taking shots at it while doing an MMA broadcast. Classy, my friend.

Again, i’m not condemning mental illness at all. I’m just stating my feelings on how things should have been handled in this situation. There are other ways to go solving problems without using it mental issues as a scapegoat to run away from them. It’s no excuse. Plain and simple.

Until next time.



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