Random Reviews (Update)

So, my home improvement chaos is just about over, praise be. The house is back in order and the new floors look splendid! Now time to get back to business. Over the last couple weeks in the midst of all of this, I’ve been thinking of other albums to review besides new ones, and there are plenty that i’d like and love to review on here. So, that’s what i’m going to do.

I’m going to choose random non-new albums to listen to and review. This includes full-lengths, EPs, demos & splits (which I have plenty of). Whatever I feel like at the time. I’m doing this because I don’t want to just review new albums, I want to review all albums that I like, regardless of what year it’s from. I also want to improve my reviewing skills and style, so I feel like this would be good practice. As my blog progresses, I want my writing to do so as well. Also, as a result of this, i’ll be putting Random Recs & Quick Album Thoughts on the back-burner for now. Not permanently, just for now. I want to focus more on full, individual reviews for the time being, again, to improve. All my other features will be continuing; Just My 2¢, Sorry Not Sorry, Discography Dialogue (new one coming soon), Movie Mumblings, Squared Circle Thoughts, ect. You can certainly expect more of those. So don’t worry.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to give this quick update on whats going on, now that I have a little more time to write some more. This starts next week with three new reviews, one being my favorite album of all time, and the other two being two of my favorite albums of the last few years. There will also be a review for another new album over the weekend of another album that I was going to wait to listen to, but am hearing a lot of praise for. So stay the fuck tuned!

Until next time.



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