Album Thoughts | Grinning Death’s Head: Blood War

Finally! This guy has a new album out and I’ve gotten my ears on it at last. This is the latest offering by Georgia one-man raw, punk-oriented Black Metal filth catalyst, Grinning Death’s Head, and the few of you who actually read my blog, i’m sure know at this point, I love me some this stuff, and with this, that’s exactly what you can expect. This is yet another offering of punk-infused raw blackened filth, complete with loud and super vicious punky riffs, visceral, hatred-fuled shrieks and growls, catchy but moody grooves and insane blast-beats, all laced with a misanthropic, crusty, punky attitude that adds to the assault that engulfs you from the moment you press play on this album.

The rawness of the production mixed with the style that mastermind JW (who you may also know from projects like Crooked Cross and Swastika Crucifix) brings forth creates a style very similar to that of Bone Awl, Raspberry Bulbs and Floridian Winter, who fit more into the Blackened Crust/Punk category rather than the Atmospheric, creepy, echoey Black Metal style that bands like Orgy of Carrion and Black Cilice are known for. I love both of those styles, as you may know by my love of the new Black Cilice album, but they’re very distinct in essence and are capable of conveying a totally different listening experience. While the atmospheric side of the spectrum may want to take you on an unnerving or downright creepy journey, stuff like this just wants to ravage you from start to finish. Nothing wrong with either.

The album starts off with a ‘calm before the storm’ kind of intro in White Sun Eclipsed, which is just a simple, ambient, almost Dungeon Synth oriented instrumental that winds you up and sets the tone for what you’re about to experience. Then it all comes crumbling down on you as it jumps right into the blasphemous title track opener. The searing riff that opens the song grabs you by the throat and forces you to pay attention as the audio terror begins. This continues throughout and doesn’t let up until the last second of the 40 minute run-time of this album passes. Through this hellride, you’re also met with rippers such as Year of the Snake, which opens with this really sick punky riff and wastes little time throwing you right back into the madness. Then there’s the mid-paced and brooding The Sword, a slow and simple, but definitely effective track that stands out. Then there’s the super aggressive The Whip, another simple, but brutally effective assault of raw filth. Then we have my favorite track on the album The Noose, a very intense, vicious, and downright nasty mid-paced track that forced you to listen as it berates you for it’s entire 3-minute duration. Great shit! Those are just the tracks that stand out. The rest is just as ridiculous and effective.

So, in short, we have another splendid serving of visceral, raw blackened filth with a pissed off Punk seasoning. I was waiting to hear this one since I found out it was coming out and it was damn well worth the wait. Don’t expect anything clean or polished whatsoever here (as if it isn’t already obvious at this point, I’ve only used the word ”filth” 30 times in this), expect something that doesn’t give a single fuck about you and just want’s to shatter your seances and leave you in shambles. Well worth it. Give it a listen!

Until next time.



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