Album Thoughts | Young and in the Way: When Life Comes to Death (Random Review)

2014 was a year where two bands became favorites of mine. The first being Code Orange after hearing the monstrous I Am King, and then this band after hearing the absolutely ruthless eardrum obliterateor of an album that they unleashed onto the planet. That album is the one at hand here.

North Carolina’s Young and in the Way are a fairly young band who were initially known for their brand of Blackened Crust and chaotic Hardcore. Known for their EPs Amen, Cloven Hoof and V. Eternal Depression and their debut full-length I Am Not What I Am, these guys were becoming a force in the Hardcore and Crust scene. All those releases were very good in their own right and garnered them quite a following. Their latest album, however, is where their presence was really felt! If you want something fast, furious and completely devoid of fucks given about you or your senses, this is the album to give a listen to. The almighty WHEN LIFE COMES TO DEATH, as vocalist Kable Lyall has no problem shrieking in your ear at the very beginning.

This album is not a Blackened Hardcore album, or even a plain Crust album, it is a merciless 46-minute assault of blood drunk, filth-ridden and utterly ruthless Crust-driven Black Metal. A completely evolved incarnation of what this band was known as. Think Iskra tenfold. That’s the best way I can describe it. This album contains no frills, no pulled punches and certainly no happiness. From the scathing riffs of the title track that starts this album off and tracks like We are Nothing and Take My Hand to the blistering ferocity of Be My Blood and Weep in My Dust, YaitW have absolutely no shortage of attacks to throw at you from the second you press play to the last second of the abrasive 9-minute closer Embrace Extinction. These guys take Blackened Crust to an unprecedented new level of extreme and don’t shy the fuck away from the possibility of destroying the listener’s senses, one ear cell at a time.

The best way I can describe this album is a cross between say, Carpathian Forest and Trap Them. It’s a perfect converging of the two styles that will without doubt (and has) please fans of both Black Metal and Crusty Hardcore in their respective right. It captures the essence of both and strikes a really good middle ground between them. You can hear it on every track, including the ones mentioned above as well as others like Fuck This Life and Final Dose. I’ve never heard it done as well as it was done on this album and I can’t think of any other band who has pulled it off as well. Many have tried. This one is an anomaly all on it’s own.

So overall, there’s a reason this band is now one of my favorites and this album is one of my first three random reviews. It’s a perfect marriage of two of my go-to genres when i’m looking for something intense and angry. It’s one of the main albums that made 2014 such a great year musically and it would have been number 1 if not for Triptycon and Code Orange. Number 3 was good enough. Anyway, this is another amazing album by one of today’s finest and I can’t fucking wait for their next one. (This year please!!)

So, yeah. That concludes my first batch of random reviews for now. Definitely more to come in the near future. There are plenty I want to talk about. Plenty. So just stay tuned.

Until next time.



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