Album Thoughts | Beastcraft: The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship

Like many other offerings that have come out thus far in 2017, I was looking forward to this one from the moment I found out about it. The latest opus by Trve Norwegian Black Metallers Beastcraft is finally upon us and I finally got my first listen. Going into it I had hope, but I also had some doubt, as nowadays, with how Black Metal has evolved over the last 2 decades-plus, the straight-up, old school Black Metal style tends to go the generic route more often than not. There is, however, a reason for that. Most bands who play that style tend to make the mistake of using the same formula over and over again for each and every song and not adding any variety to the package. Well, with this album, allow Beastcraft to show you how it’s actually done.

This album is old school and straightforward, but it’s anything but boring. What Beastcraft does differently than most other acts of this variety is add some variety to the batch of songs. You have your more aggressive and riffier tracks like Demonic Perversion and The Fall of the Impotent God, which are complete with punky riffs, sharp, piercing guitar tones stabbing your ears blood red as Sorath finishes them off with his snarling Satanic shrieks. You have slower, more melodic tracks like Deathcraft and Necromancy, Reborn Beyond the Grave and closer The Beast Descends, that are more driven by slow, menacing tremolo picking and dragging drums. Then you have intense, blastbeat-laden rippers like Her Highness of Hell and The Devil’s Triumph. Songs that just want to rip your throat out in the name of the almighty Satan himself. Splendid. Each group of tracks have those different respective styles and they’re all very fucking well done.

It’s great to see that there still is some quality old school Trve Kvlt Norwegian Black Metal out there capable of effortlessly ravaging you from asshole to appetite (thanks, Jim Cornette) and keeping the essence alive and well, not even counting the new wave of super raw, filthy and dissonant Black Metal that exists nowadays. I love the more evolved stuff as much as the next fucking bloke, but sometimes all you need is something simple and straight to the point. That’s what this is. Beastcraft did not disappoint with this one and it was well worth the wait. No super complicated review needed for this one. It’s not fancy, it’s not technical, it’s surely nothing progressive or experimental, this is 100% unadulterated Black Fucking Metal and it’s sure to please fans of such. Give it a listen!

Until next time.



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