Album Thoughts | Myrkur: M (Hipster Week)

Welcome to day 3 of Hipster Week. As I said in my Liturgy review, next we have the most controversial release by the most controversial artist of the Hipster Metal movement thus far. I’m sure we all knew where it was going next. Well, here we are.

So, I talked at length about Myrkur and the fuckery that she’s brought with her name in my Hipster Metal rant to kick off the week, so i’m not going to get into that again. This will be purely about the music itself. This album particularly. M is her 2015 debut full-length, which as we know, features Garm from Ulver handling the production and original Ulver guitarist Håvard Jørgensen and Teloch from Mayhem (guitarist on Esoteric Warfare) on guitars. Interesting lineup. Going into this one, despite all the drama and outrage, I was giving the product of this collaboration a fair shake. It’s been a couple years since I heard one or two of the tracks off this album, so my memory of it was a little rusty. Honestly, I wish I would have just stuck with that memory.

Again this is not a biased opinion based on the backstory of this album, it’s purely music-based. This album bored me to tears. It’s dull, the guitars and drums sound sterile and lifeless, the production sounds artificial and there’s just nothing memorable at all here. I get that they were going for an atmospheric feel here, and i’m not sure if the idea was to duplicate the early Ulver style, but with a more Shoegazy dynamic, maybe like a ”passing of the torch” type deal, but it just didn’t work here. I will praise one thing: Amalie’s vocals here are actually really good. Harsh and clean. Not sure if it’s due to a huge amount of studio effects or whatever, but the vocals are pretty much the only saving grace here, a blasphemous as that might be to say, i’m just calling it how I hear it. Everything else is just poorly done. If they wanted to make an Atmospheric Black Metal album, they should have gone the route of Winterfylleth or Saor. Or even Wolves in the Throne Room. That would have worked much better. What they actually went for just sounds bland and overly distorted.

As far as riffs go, again, the guitars sound sterile and have little to no intensity to them, so the riffs aren’t much here, aside from the opening one to Mordet. That was a pretty good old school-style riff. As far as the rest of the songs go, I haven’t mentioned any of them because they just weren’t memorable enough. The only other one I kinda remember is Vølvens Spådom, which is this loud, almost church-like operatic track hat just features her and keyboards. Nothing too special at all.

Overall, i’m not going to spend too much time on this album because it just wasn’t memorable enough to do so. This was a boring, dull and forgettable offering of Atmospheric Shoegaze Black Metal that could have been much better with better production. Not sure what idea Garm had in mind but to me it wasn’t the right one. I was as fair as I can be for this album, despite all the outrage and Amalie Bruun’s real motives for making this kind of music, but even if she were a tried and true Black Metal musician, I likely still wouldn’t be a fan.

Until next time.



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