Album Thoughts | Phobia: Lifeless God

(Before this review starts, just a quick warning: I’ve been on a huge Grindcore kick lately and have been listening to a lot of albums that I’ve decided to review. New and old. So, there’s a lot of Grindy goodness ahead in the next couple weeks on this very blog… so be prepared! This is just the beginning.)

This is the latest offering of violent, merciless, head-bashing Death Metal-infused Grindcore by California bunch, Phobia. Those familiar with them already know what to expect, and those unfamiliar better prepare their poor little ears for the beating they’re bound to receive upon first listen. This album is no exception. These guys are as vicious, ruthless and crushing as ever with this album and i’m glad I added it to this weekend’s lineup of new albums for my listening. Taking advantage of my recent Grindcore kick and giving this one a listen was a grand decision. Just like any other Phobia release, there is absolutely no fucking time wasting as Out from the Ashes starts things off by pummeling you with it’s blast-beaty fury right off the bat (that it’s using to beat you with) and continues on into Escalate into Madness. Each assault spills right into the next one as it ends, leaving you no time to breathe or recover.

The running time of this album is relatively brief, but it does what it’s supposed to, no questions asked. Just non-stop Death Metal-oriented riffs under ferocious blast beats and Shane Mclachlan’s ear-ripping vocals. Even the shortest tracks like Fuck Power Violence and Intimidator get the job done of fucking your shit up with every second that they’re given. This is Grindcore done right; merciless and doesn’t let up until the very last second. This is just about as perfect as it can get when it comes to delivering fast, riffy, throaty audio violence that’s meant to just ravage your ear canals to mush. My favorite track has to be the closing title track. It’s a little different and has a bit of s chaotic Hardcore feel to it. Short, sweet and straight-to-the-point closer. It’s always good to hear Grind use all sorts of different influences without straying from it’s core style.

So, if you’re looking for some quality new Grind, look no further than here, as well as my next review if you’re into the noisier side of things. Overall, this album is an intense, unrelenting and exhilarating ride that may be brief, but wastes none of it’s short minutes pounding you into oblivion. Grinders everywhere will sure as hell appreciate this one, as they should for every Phobia release, because they are still very much a force to pay attention to. So, get your first-aid kits ready, give this one a go and prepare to be annihilated. Because unlike a certain other act that everyone won’t shut up about that’s still doing the same repetitive, mediocre crap it’s been doing for the last 20-plus years now, THIS is the wrong one to fuck with.

Until next time.



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