Album Thoughts | Impetuous Ritual: Blight Upon Martyred Sentience

In my previous review I mentioned bands that can create some of the most fucked up and scariest sounds a human can make with instruments. This was one of those bands and this album is a prime fucking example of why.

Hailing from Australia and featuring members of Portal, Impetuous Ritual are three albums into their existence and already a highly praised act within the Extreme Metal scene and with very good reason. Much like Portal, these guys are known for playing a ghastly, abyssal, trance-inducing and atmospheric style of Death Metal that’s sure to make you shit your pants upon first listen, especially if listened to with either headphones or a quality sound system. Their first two albums, Relentless Execution of Ceremonial ExcrescenceUnholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence were good enough examples of the horrors this band is capable of, but this album drives the point home without fucking question.

Blight Upon Martyred Sentience is the band’s third effort and going in, I knew I was in for something terrifying and was totally expecting to be zoned in the entire way through, but sweet merciless fuck, was I not ready for this. The best way I can describe hearing this album for the first time is the audio version of being dragged into hell during a bad trip and having to face the hallucinogenic terrors that surround you until it’s over. This is a soul-shattering opus of some of the nastiest, filthiest and most nightmarish Death Metal your ears and body will ever have to endure. The slow, drony build of Void Cohesion does a great job of winding you up while you sit there wondering what’s to come, then BOOM! Apoptosis jumps out at you like a demon out of a dark tunnel as Ignis Fatuus unleashes one of the most demonic shrieks you’ll ever hear as you descend into an abyss of filthy, chunky riffs, blasting drums and echoey, freakish growls and shrieks only a unique kind of throat can produce.

As I described the latest Black Cilice album a while back, very similarly, listening to this album is an experience, not just a listen. A very harrowing experience, but one nonetheless. It’s a noisy, dismal and potent journey through a world of endless chaos and nihilism. There are tracks that go straight for the throat like Denigrative Prophecies; a super vicious assault of blast beats and chaotic hellish, murky and really insane riffs, then there are the weirder ones like Untoward Evocation; another track with a weird build to it that lures you in first then delivers the beating, and the slow, doomy Sullen; an almost Funeral Doom-like offering that really sets a good balance between straight viciousness and methodical chaos. It all closes with the 9-minute Intransience, another slow, doomy but chaotic crusher that makes damn sure you don’t leave unscathed. I was floored once it was all over.

So, overall, this is another highly anticipated release for 2017 that did not disappoint in the slightest. This is another excellent, substantial and terrifying experience of a listen that very few bands can pull off. This is the kind of stuff that I fucking love when it comes to the deeper, darker fringes of Extreme Metal and all it’s sub-genres. I love stuff that can put me in a trance and force my full-on attention while making my skin crawl all at once. This band is a perfect example of this and a good one to turn to for a fix of it. So if you haven’t already, give this one a listen and enjoy the auditory trip into the void.

Until next time.



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