MetalSucks, RABM & Other Cancers


In the latest proverbial turd, formed from the fibers of thought control and directionless hacktivism to be squeezed out of the asshole of existence and into the toilet that is the 2010s, everyone’s favorite journalistic punching bag (with good reason) MetalSucks continue their crusade against artistic expression and fun by giving us this gem; an “open letter” to Hells Headbangers Records to, you ready? Stop releasing and distributing music by “white supremacists”. Despite of course, lack of evidence that said musicians or bands are indeed NSBM. To put things into perspective, MetalSucks is basically what happens when a Tumblrina who listens to Carach Angren and Myrkur and has nothing better to do with their time than whale and screech all day about simply being asked by males in Darkthrone and Morbid Angel shirts what her favorite band is and citing is as a test or “micro-aggression” get’s a degree in journalism. The site is one of the main parties responsible for polluting the Metal community with progressive and SJW propaganda and opening the floodgates for bozos like Natalie Zed and Axl Rosenburg to stroke their crooked journalistic ego cocks and spew their self-fulfilling hollow rhetoric all over the scene and creating a political rift within it that should never, ever be present to begin with.

(Ughhh… why do they all look like this?)

Politics have always been the enemy of extreme music and extreme art in general, and with the current social climate, that rings truer than ever. The more politics and censorship play a role in any form of artistic expression, the worse off it will be and the more contrived it’s message will become. This day and age, where feelings are more important than creativity and everyone who leans even moderately to the opposite side of the consensus social view is a Nazi that needs to be punched, we’re now going to stoop to a new low and start telling record labels what and what not to release? If so, not even Jim Jones himself would be able to provide the amount of mind-poisoning Kool-Aid that must be coursing through the veins of the folks at MetalSucks and all their mindless drone followers that buy in to their garbage. Have we become so self-important and callous that we’re going to pressure companies in the entertainment business to stop selling and distributing it’s product for paying customers that play absolutely no role whatsoever in our lives to enjoy? If so, and if this is what Metal is becoming, then count me the ever-loving fuck out.

Like every good filthy, sniveling, integrity-devoid publication only out for it’s own monetary gain, MetalSucks is capitalizing on the current happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia with the “Unite the Right” rally and the counter-protests that followed as a crutch to support their stance on the supposed issue at hand. It’s not uncommon for these goofs to do this kind of thing; even stooping as low to constant mentions of dead musicians and celebrities for clicks. It’s the same method used by hacks like BuzzFeed, The Odyssey Online and all other outlets who cater to entitled, whiny, straight, white and male-demonizing degenerate lefties who see Trump as Adolf Hitler 2.0 and have drained every word that once held some degree of meaning like “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobe”, “problematic”, etc as dry as 3 day old toast by turning them into hollow buzzwords and throwing them at anything that makes them even the slightest bit uncomfortable. They are capitalizing on the current state of affairs by making themselves seem virtuous and kissing lefty ass every chance they get, then wondering why they’re getting bashed at the moment.

Listen, folks, the reason you’re being bashed right now, and do often, is the same reason Donald Trump is in the White House. You pull at every string you can to get your bullshit ideological agenda pushed. You try every petty tactic you can think of to ruin even the slightest bit or recreation for anyone who doesn’t share your views or moral code in an attempt to seem virtuous and noble, but all you’re doing is digging yourself into a hole of ridicule and condemnation by the rest of us who can see right the fuck through it. You’re no different than the genderless, rainbow-haired legbeards who got our current human Cheeto of a president elected by pushing the majority further to the right with their bullshit whining and accusations of Trump and all his supporters of being “Nazis”. You’re no different than the beta cuck loser men who adopt radical feminist ideals just gain the ability to smash some puss (South Park fans will get that one). You’re just a bunch of insipid, maudlin attention junkies, hungry for brownie points and page views in the name of the almighty dollar. Nothing less, nothing more. So fuck your letter and fuck your bullshit website and the brainless imbeciles who drink your poison. All you’re doing now is increasing visits and sales for Hells Headbangers and it’s well-deserved.

Give them a go!

This brings me to another “organization” that has been getting under my skin as of late. There’s this little group called Red & Anarchist Black Metal, who run a blog on Blogger and Tumblr (big surprise). They, similar to MetalSucks, are riddled with elitist Antifa shitstains who think they somehow have the authority to control people’s taste in anything and direct their enjoyment elsewhere and expect us to go along with it. There’s even a section on their Tumblr called “Why This Band is Garbage”, where they name any random band, Black Metal particularly, and pull any random, arbitrary excuse out of their gaping asses why no one should be listening to them and should stop, providing little to no evidence to back up their claims. Even the likes of Peter Steele and Type O Negative weren’t safe from their wrath of stupidity. The same imbeciles who protested Marduk into cancelling their show for being supposed Nazis with again, no evidence. The same group of dejected ingrates with directionless ideologies and a lack of integrity so severe, it would make Bryan Stars blush (If you don’t know who that is, you’re lucky).

I say to you, fine folks at RABM and all Antifuckwits associated with it: You’re no different than Axl Rosenberg, Natalie Zed, or any feeble-minded chocoladite with a Twitter account and a misused political science degree. You think you have the power to change things because those things are seen as bad or immoral, but in reality, you’re just spoiled, crotchety, irascible adult children who were told far too many times at a young age that you can change the world if you try hard enough. No, that’s not how it works. There isn’t anything wrong with bands like Taake, Shining, Marduk, Graveland, Type O Negative, Carnivore or any other band you’ve gone after in recent months, they embody what Black Metal is about and that doesn’t include catering to the status quo or your fragile needs. And if you are going to go after or criticize a band, please, PLEASE do your fucking research and have proof. Back up your claims, or else you’re just as I described you in this paragraph and don’t deserve to be taken seriously. I will admit that you guys do offer up some good bands and tunes on your Blogger, but that’s about where I draw the line as far as associating myself with you in any way goes.

“Do we look intimidated?”

So, to put this as simply as possible, MetalSucks, Red & Anarchist Black Metal, Antifa and all affiliated: stop the childish games, realize that chaos exists in the world and Black Metal’s entire purpose is to showcase said chaos, and go away. Censorship and thought control will only make things worse for everyone and it’s the exact meaning of what you’re trying to fight against; FASCISM. Stop telling others what and what not to listen to, stop telling record labels what and what not to sell and go do something better with your time. Not everything is going to coincide with your worldview and you don’t have to care. If you don’t like it, don’t pay attention to it. Plain and simple. It’s a hard concept for many to fathom nowadays, but it’s one of the keys to making life easier. Realize that and fuck off!

Until next time.



Sorry Not Sorry | Actually, Yes You Do


The featured image of this post is from this article that’s been making it’s way around social media as of late. Condescendingly titled, No, I Don’t Have to Tell You I’m Trans Before Dating You, this article, posted on The Odyssey Online is a BuzzFeed-esque winge fest of stuck up, ill-witted progressive turdstains to regurgitate their self-entitled, self important and self-indulgent rhetoric onto the evil hetero masses and give them yet another reason to vote republican. Not only is it another ego-stroking ploy for the fringe section of the LGBT community to hand out another arbitrary checklist of things not to do or say in the presence of the ever-so omnipotent gods of the transgender community, it’s also as ass-backwards as it is supercilious. Now, usually, I stay the ever-loving fuck away from anything that includes the words ”cis” ”problematic” or ”—phobia” unironically, but the sheer ignorance and ass-backwards nature of this and the fact that so many people are actually buying into and agreeing with this (including a close relative of mine) is too much too ignore. It’s another example of how directionless and warped the far left has really become.

The article talks about the case of Joseph Scott Pemberton, the US Marine who murdered Jennifer Laude, after having sex with her in 2014 after finding out she was a trans woman. It’s not about the actual gruesome crime itself however, but more about the outrage that it sparked, not about the murder, but about how Laude didn’t disclose the information to Pemberton that she was trans. As awful and fucked as that is, that isn’t the full focus of this article. What it does revolve around, however, is the disdain that some trans folk feel, not for the murder that took place, but the apparently ”transphobic” expectation that cis men have for their own to disclose the fact that they are trans right up front before anything romantic or sexual takes place. To me, that’s totally reasonable and I don’t get how it isn’t or how it’s even debatable (then again, whether or not pedophilia is wrong is also up for debate nowadays, so I guess anything is). Bringing up information of that caliber is absolutely essential at the start of any potential sexual encounter and it CAN be a matter of safety or even life or death. It’s unfortunate, but some men just don’t mess around with that kind of thing.

When it comes to potential dating or sex partners, being transgender isn’t a trivial thing that just casually comes up in a conversation. It’s not something like say, what kind of car you drive or what your natural hair color is, it’s something vital that needs to be put up front straight away. I thought that was just common sense, but then I remember, we’re in 2017; that isn’t exactly an essential thing to a majority of the young tikes of this generation. To them, entitlement is much more important than common sense or their own safety. See, the funniest thing about the LGBT community and the progressive left is that they either want to have their cake and eat it too or just don’t know which direction they’re going in. On one hand, they want to protect their own and those of the LGBT community, but at the same time, they want to demonize and wage some kind of petty war against their heterosexual and straight counterparts, which will only lead to more danger. If a guy is out looking to get laid and goes to a bar and runs into you, you tell him nothing, you end up hooking up and go back to his hotel room, apartment, whatever, things get hot and heavy and he unzips your pants and something he doesn’t want pops out, what do you think will happen? Now, some guys may be nicer and let you walk away or walk away themselves, but others just aren’t. In fact, some of the things they’ll do can be very lethal, and how will this belief of not having to disclose that one important piece of information hold up when you’re laying in a hospital bed, possibly with broken bones and close to death? I doubt it will hold up very well, if at all.

Do I condone that kind of violence? Absolutely not. Am I blaming the victim? No. but the case of Jennifer Laude is a prime example of how dangerous this way of thinking is and how contradictory those who hold this narrative really are. If you want a safer environment for your fellow LGBT folk, then you need to be honest and up front, not secretive. Privacy is one thing, but there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy. Hiding your identity from a potential partner is dishonest and unfair to them. If you think otherwise, then you shouldn’t be actively searching for love or sex. That may seem like a harsh reality for you, but your sense of entitlement will only take you so far and will inevitably become your downfall. Just like you don’t have to live as the gender you were born as, the rest of us don’t have to date or fuck you. We as humans have preferences, and sometimes you’re not one of them. That’s not a transphobic thing, it’s just the way it is.

So understand, i’m not advocating for violence against trans people, nor am I demonizing them in any way, but this kind of mentality and way of going about things is what WILL lead to violence and even murder. Spreading this message of deceit and trickery will ultimately lead to the exact thing you’re trying to fight against, and it’s honestly the most ass-backwards way of thinking that I’ve seen by the left to date. This whole “I don’t owe anyone anything” culture that exists today also plays a role in this, as I read in a comment under a link to this article. It’s not about owing anyone anything, it’s about responsibility. You have the responsibility to yourself to disclose the fact that you are a trans person to a potential partner of any kind. People have preferences, as foreign of a concept as that is to most people nowadays, and you could ruin any chance you have with them and put yourself in harm’s way. There are a lot of homicidal maniacs out there who give no fucks. So please, anyone who is spouting off this sentiment and anyone who is buying into it, just take notice of this and rethink it. The world doesn’t revolve around you and it isn’t going to cater to you or your needs and preferences. It’s your responsibility to put vital aspects of your being up front from the jump and make it clear right away. You DO owe it to them, as well as yourself. The consequences of not dong so can be life threatening. Not every guy is like this one:

And remember, I’m not sorry.


Until next time.


Album Thoughts | Yayla:


Earlier this year, I did a quick review of the latest outing by Turkish Black Metal one-man filth fest, Viranesir. Since then, Emir Toğrul, the man behind the madness, has released and been apart of several other opuses by other projects of his and others that involve him. The latest Red Bible Black album, for instance, which will also be getting a review here in the near future. Then there’s Blliigghhtteed (now named Chaoscunt), who released a great album last year, which he handled vocal duties on. This however, is the latest full-length album by his other main project, Yayla. It’s a very distinct project from it’s counterparts, but it’s still an interesting one. Although stylistically similar to Viranesir, known for it’s brand of ugly, murky and provocative old school style of Black Metal, this project adds to the chaos by exhibiting more of an Ambient and Atmospheric sound with a bit of experimentation. It reminds me of Viranesir in a lot of ways, but all in all, it stands on it’s own merit with it’s unique, kinda weird but gripping style.

Starting off with the piercing opening riff of Altars in Temple Sewers, that launches things off into the muffled chaos that’s to come; very good track that got me invested right from the jump. There are other tracks that display that same ferocity like Everyday is Death for Us and Funeral, but also have some neat ambient elements that enhance the sound greatly. While you can’t expect anything as out there or provocative lyrically as some of Emir’s other projects, this mixture of muddy, hazy guitars and violent, snarly shrieks does just as good of a job of ravaging your ear holes in ruthless fashion. Mantras of Separation is another great track that stands out with it’s slow, doomy sound. Then you have a few weird but interesting instrumentals in Pandora (especially), Endless Regrets and the potent closer, They Are Losing You from Me; all of which round things up just fine and give the album a sound dynamic. Very unique stuff all around. Much like he did under Viranesir back in January and last year with Blliigghhted, the creative force behind this composition has enamored me once again with his idiosyncratic brand of Black Metal. Pretty brilliant stuff in all honesty.

This act and all of it’s counterparts, while similar in some ways, are all creative, distinctive and very well done in their own respective right and are all pretty damn nasty and ruthless in their own way too. Emir Toğrul is able to piece together a ton of different elements and make damn near masterpieces out of them, even when it’s just filthy diatribes regurgitated allover those unfortunate enough to feel the audio and verbal wrath of this madman. Everything is precise and straightforward, as chaotic as it may get.

So, give this one a listen if you’re looking for something unique within the Atmospheric or Ambient Black Metal sphere. This is definitely worth a shot and may actually become one of my go-to’s when i’m in the mood for something dreary and out there. Give all of this dude’s other projects a listen too. He is a talented individual and I hope he’s able to get all of his stuff back on Bandcamp one of these days, if they can stop being total pussbags.

So, if you do read this, Emir, well done once again!

Until next time.


Album Thoughts | If I Could Kill Myself: Ballad of the Broken

Picking up where I left off with The Well-Wisher and taking further advantage of my recent DSBM kick, I gave another album that I’ve had lined up for a while now a listen. This time, the debut from another one-man project, If I Could Kill Myself; helmed by none other than Dennis Mikula of Ghost Bath! This is his little side project that has generated a bit of a buzz upon this album’s release that I was quite curious about. Now, going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was expecting something at least competent and musically proper, as he is a competent, proper musician, but I was hoping it wasn’t going to be more of the same Post-Black Metal melodic, dreary sadness that we’re used to from his main band. Well, fuck me running, I was wrong. Dead wrong. What we have here is some more ugly, raw and downright despondent Depressive Black Fucking Metal. I was actually shocked.

Now, there are still small hints of Ghost Bath-isms on here, like weird, sort of cheerful melodies here and there, but the most we get of that are in 3 of the instrumentals; opener Again, the short, upbeat title track and Last Chance; all played fully on piano. That’s about as far as it goes and I feel like it’s done more or less in an ironic way this time, almost like a break of sanity from all the insanity, like a brief escape from the depression and misery via drugs or meds. Something like that. At least that’s how I see it. Anyway, the music as a whole is very raw and ugly. Anything BUT Ghost Bath style stuff. A lot of sharp, piercing and ghastly riffs and tortured, agonizing shrieks, like you would expect from any decent DSBM act. What Ghost Bath does in a more melodic, hopeful fashion, this does in a much more nihilistic and dissonant sense and honestly, as much as I enjoy Ghost Bath (especially Moonlover), kinda prefer this a tad more.

The overall style is very manic with some brief moments of lucidity in between. Tracks like Escapism or Death, which opens with this very somber, kind of upbeat riff, but then takes a nosedive straight down into the madness of the aforementioned blood-curdling, maniacal shrieks over raw, ear-clawing riffs and muddy blast beats. Then you have the more straightforward, all-around ugly offerings like I’m Just Not Worth It and I Hate Myself. This album does a pretty stellar job at conveying a certain kind of emotion that can only be felt and created by a sufferer. This sure as fuck isn’t the angst-ridden teenage bedroom brand of Depressive Black Metal; this is passionate, raw and true to the bone depression and mental distress in audio form. Coming from a member of one of the top acts of the Post-Black Metal craze of today, it’s pretty nice to see someone from that end dabbling in the darker and harsher style and doing it well. “Hipster” my ass.


So, overall, this is another really damn good outing of the DSBM variety for 2017 done by someone I would have not expected it from, which makes it even better. This is a great dynamic of sadly upbeat softness and dismal, horrid psychosis that creates this unpleasant but cathartic sound that only fans of everything perpetually miserable will enjoy, and it’s done by someone who clearly knows what they’re doing. I had my doubts going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is indeed as good as many are making it out to be and I definitely get the hype. So check this one out if you’re tired of the Fruity Loops brigade fucking everything up and want something real.

Until next time.