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Earlier this year, I did a quick review of the latest outing by Turkish Black Metal one-man filth fest, Viranesir. Since then, Emir Toğrul, the man behind the madness, has released and been apart of several other opuses by other projects of his and others that involve him. The latest Red Bible Black album, for instance, which will also be getting a review here in the near future. Then there’s Blliigghhtteed (now named Chaoscunt), who released a great album last year, which he handled vocal duties on. This however, is the latest full-length album by his other main project, Yayla. It’s a very distinct project from it’s counterparts, but it’s still an interesting one. Although stylistically similar to Viranesir, known for it’s brand of ugly, murky and provocative old school style of Black Metal, this project adds to the chaos by exhibiting more of an Ambient and Atmospheric sound with a bit of experimentation. It reminds me of Viranesir in a lot of ways, but all in all, it stands on it’s own merit with it’s unique, kinda weird but gripping style.

Starting off with the piercing opening riff of Altars in Temple Sewers, that launches things off into the muffled chaos that’s to come; very good track that got me invested right from the jump. There are other tracks that display that same ferocity like Everyday is Death for Us and Funeral, but also have some neat ambient elements that enhance the sound greatly. While you can’t expect anything as out there or provocative lyrically as some of Emir’s other projects, this mixture of muddy, hazy guitars and violent, snarly shrieks does just as good of a job of ravaging your ear holes in ruthless fashion. Mantras of Separation is another great track that stands out with it’s slow, doomy sound. Then you have a few weird but interesting instrumentals in Pandora (especially), Endless Regrets and the potent closer, They Are Losing You from Me; all of which round things up just fine and give the album a sound dynamic. Very unique stuff all around. Much like he did under Viranesir back in January and last year with Blliigghhted, the creative force behind this composition has enamored me once again with his idiosyncratic brand of Black Metal. Pretty brilliant stuff in all honesty.

This act and all of it’s counterparts, while similar in some ways, are all creative, distinctive and very well done in their own respective right and are all pretty damn nasty and ruthless in their own way too. Emir Toğrul is able to piece together a ton of different elements and make damn near masterpieces out of them, even when it’s just filthy diatribes regurgitated allover those unfortunate enough to feel the audio and verbal wrath of this madman. Everything is precise and straightforward, as chaotic as it may get.

So, give this one a listen if you’re looking for something unique within the Atmospheric or Ambient Black Metal sphere. This is definitely worth a shot and may actually become one of my go-to’s when i’m in the mood for something dreary and out there. Give all of this dude’s other projects a listen too. He is a talented individual and I hope he’s able to get all of his stuff back on Bandcamp one of these days, if they can stop being total pussbags.

So, if you do read this, Emir, well done once again!

Until next time.



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