MetalSucks, RABM & Other Cancers


In the latest proverbial turd, formed from the fibers of thought control and directionless hacktivism to be squeezed out of the asshole of existence and into the toilet that is the 2010s, everyone’s favorite journalistic punching bag (with good reason) MetalSucks continue their crusade against artistic expression and fun by giving us this gem; an “open letter” to Hells Headbangers Records to, you ready? Stop releasing and distributing music by “white supremacists”. Despite of course, lack of evidence that said musicians or bands are indeed NSBM. To put things into perspective, MetalSucks is basically what happens when a Tumblrina who listens to Carach Angren and Myrkur and has nothing better to do with their time than whale and screech all day about simply being asked by males in Darkthrone and Morbid Angel shirts what her favorite band is and citing is as a test or “micro-aggression” get’s a degree in journalism. The site is one of the main parties responsible for polluting the Metal community with progressive and SJW propaganda and opening the floodgates for bozos like Natalie Zed and Axl Rosenburg to stroke their crooked journalistic ego cocks and spew their self-fulfilling hollow rhetoric all over the scene and creating a political rift within it that should never, ever be present to begin with.

(Ughhh… why do they all look like this?)

Politics have always been the enemy of extreme music and extreme art in general, and with the current social climate, that rings truer than ever. The more politics and censorship play a role in any form of artistic expression, the worse off it will be and the more contrived it’s message will become. This day and age, where feelings are more important than creativity and everyone who leans even moderately to the opposite side of the consensus social view is a Nazi that needs to be punched, we’re now going to stoop to a new low and start telling record labels what and what not to release? If so, not even Jim Jones himself would be able to provide the amount of mind-poisoning Kool-Aid that must be coursing through the veins of the folks at MetalSucks and all their mindless drone followers that buy in to their garbage. Have we become so self-important and callous that we’re going to pressure companies in the entertainment business to stop selling and distributing it’s product for paying customers that play absolutely no role whatsoever in our lives to enjoy? If so, and if this is what Metal is becoming, then count me the ever-loving fuck out.

Like every good filthy, sniveling, integrity-devoid publication only out for it’s own monetary gain, MetalSucks is capitalizing on the current happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia with the “Unite the Right” rally and the counter-protests that followed as a crutch to support their stance on the supposed issue at hand. It’s not uncommon for these goofs to do this kind of thing; even stooping as low to constant mentions of dead musicians and celebrities for clicks. It’s the same method used by hacks like BuzzFeed, The Odyssey Online and all other outlets who cater to entitled, whiny, straight, white and male-demonizing degenerate lefties who see Trump as Adolf Hitler 2.0 and have drained every word that once held some degree of meaning like “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobe”, “problematic”, etc as dry as 3 day old toast by turning them into hollow buzzwords and throwing them at anything that makes them even the slightest bit uncomfortable. They are capitalizing on the current state of affairs by making themselves seem virtuous and kissing lefty ass every chance they get, then wondering why they’re getting bashed at the moment.

Listen, folks, the reason you’re being bashed right now, and do often, is the same reason Donald Trump is in the White House. You pull at every string you can to get your bullshit ideological agenda pushed. You try every petty tactic you can think of to ruin even the slightest bit or recreation for anyone who doesn’t share your views or moral code in an attempt to seem virtuous and noble, but all you’re doing is digging yourself into a hole of ridicule and condemnation by the rest of us who can see right the fuck through it. You’re no different than the genderless, rainbow-haired legbeards who got our current human Cheeto of a president elected by pushing the majority further to the right with their bullshit whining and accusations of Trump and all his supporters of being “Nazis”. You’re no different than the beta cuck loser men who adopt radical feminist ideals just gain the ability to smash some puss (South Park fans will get that one). You’re just a bunch of insipid, maudlin attention junkies, hungry for brownie points and page views in the name of the almighty dollar. Nothing less, nothing more. So fuck your letter and fuck your bullshit website and the brainless imbeciles who drink your poison. All you’re doing now is increasing visits and sales for Hells Headbangers and it’s well-deserved.

Give them a go!

This brings me to another “organization” that has been getting under my skin as of late. There’s this little group called Red & Anarchist Black Metal, who run a blog on Blogger and Tumblr (big surprise). They, similar to MetalSucks, are riddled with elitist Antifa shitstains who think they somehow have the authority to control people’s taste in anything and direct their enjoyment elsewhere and expect us to go along with it. There’s even a section on their Tumblr called “Why This Band is Garbage”, where they name any random band, Black Metal particularly, and pull any random, arbitrary excuse out of their gaping asses why no one should be listening to them and should stop, providing little to no evidence to back up their claims. Even the likes of Peter Steele and Type O Negative weren’t safe from their wrath of stupidity. The same imbeciles who protested Marduk into cancelling their show for being supposed Nazis with again, no evidence. The same group of dejected ingrates with directionless ideologies and a lack of integrity so severe, it would make Bryan Stars blush (If you don’t know who that is, you’re lucky).

I say to you, fine folks at RABM and all Antifuckwits associated with it: You’re no different than Axl Rosenberg, Natalie Zed, or any feeble-minded chocoladite with a Twitter account and a misused political science degree. You think you have the power to change things because those things are seen as bad or immoral, but in reality, you’re just spoiled, crotchety, irascible adult children who were told far too many times at a young age that you can change the world if you try hard enough. No, that’s not how it works. There isn’t anything wrong with bands like Taake, Shining, Marduk, Graveland, Type O Negative, Carnivore or any other band you’ve gone after in recent months, they embody what Black Metal is about and that doesn’t include catering to the status quo or your fragile needs. And if you are going to go after or criticize a band, please, PLEASE do your fucking research and have proof. Back up your claims, or else you’re just as I described you in this paragraph and don’t deserve to be taken seriously. I will admit that you guys do offer up some good bands and tunes on your Blogger, but that’s about where I draw the line as far as associating myself with you in any way goes.

“Do we look intimidated?”

So, to put this as simply as possible, MetalSucks, Red & Anarchist Black Metal, Antifa and all affiliated: stop the childish games, realize that chaos exists in the world and Black Metal’s entire purpose is to showcase said chaos, and go away. Censorship and thought control will only make things worse for everyone and it’s the exact meaning of what you’re trying to fight against; FASCISM. Stop telling others what and what not to listen to, stop telling record labels what and what not to sell and go do something better with your time. Not everything is going to coincide with your worldview and you don’t have to care. If you don’t like it, don’t pay attention to it. Plain and simple. It’s a hard concept for many to fathom nowadays, but it’s one of the keys to making life easier. Realize that and fuck off!

Until next time.



2 thoughts on “MetalSucks, RABM & Other Cancers

  1. This is quite the rant. I agree with every word of it. I’m sick of these people who cry “metal is misunderstood” and then turn around and bash bands like Graveland because of what they THINK the music represents, which makes it pretty clear they’ve never really listened or at least paid attention to the music. Not even bands such as Goatmoon and Abyssic Hate that make blatant references to NS deserve censorship imo, if you don’t agree with the message then just don’t listen.

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