I’m from Brooklyn, New York

I call myself Scvm, because I hate my real name and everyone has to have an internet persona, right? Well, I’m just some bored, cranky, opinionated schmo with a computer and this is my outlet. I talk about a bunch of things on here including society, politics, current events, idiots, personal stuff, music, movies, wrestling and whatever else I feel like.

I’m not kidding when I say I talk about music either. In fact, that’s what you’ll see most of. Genres I cover are Black Metal (clearly), Death Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Crust, Sludge, Powerviolence, Slam, Grindcore, Goregrind, Harsh Noise, Goth Rock, Neofolk, Post-Rock, Indie, Alternative, Industrial and whatever the fuck else I’m into.

I’m always honest and raw and that’s how it’s going to stay. These are my opinions, my views, my thoughts and how I see things. If you don’t like it, you can stop reading right now and fuck off. This is only for me and only by me and I don’t care who cares.

So here you go. Read my blog or don’t. Again, I don’t care. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well, if you’re not an asshole troll.