Discography Dialogue | Belphegor

Blackened Death Metal: The sub-genre that marries the intensity and brutality of Death Metal and the boundless abysmal darkness of Black Metal. Perhaps one of the most creative sub-genres in Metal as a whole. When you think of this genre, what bands come to mind? Bands that originated this diabolical form of sound and made... Continue Reading →

Sorry Not Sorry | Workers are Assholes Too

One thing we see all the damn time on social media nowadays... one VERY annoying thing I might add, is (mostly) young whippersnappers complaining about their jobs. Pretty common, right? I mean, we've all done it. We've all had jobs that we've hated and would have quit in a heartbeat if better opportunities presented themselves. It's... Continue Reading →

Album Thoughts | Loss: Horizonless

To wrap up this weekend's batch of new albums, it's time for some long-awaited, much anticipated, quality DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. The last time we heard from Nashville, Tennessee's Loss was a whopping 6 years ago with their 2011 debut Despond; a crushing, sorrowful, brutally ugly journey of an album that earned them quite a following and a huge amount of... Continue Reading →

Album Thoughts | Hexis: Tando Ashanti

It's been a while since I've had any new Blackened Hardcore to kill my ear cells with. Well, this changes that, and what an album to change it with. If you're familiar with Denmark's Hexis, you're familiar with the style they bring to the table. It's a very different take on Black Metal-infused Hardcore that bands... Continue Reading →

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